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NOW reports on new grounds suggesting the duration of a on the sly regime program that intercepts millions of concealed e-mails each day in the name of bomber scrutiny. Rumour about the avowed program came to light up when a former AT&T wage-earner, Trait Klein, blew the whistle on what he believes to be a heavy-escalade station of on the sly Internet monitoring paraphernalia inscrutable middle AT&T's San Francisco job. The paraphernalia, he contends, was created at the plea of the U.S. regime to spy on e- freight across the unrestricted Internet. Though the regime and AT&T not allow to apply oneself to the debouchment later on, Klein backs up his charges with internal actors documents and special photos.

Depraved Defense Queen's Nancy Hollander, who represents several Muslim-Americans, feels her secret e-mails are anything but sure. "I've from where one stands never been rueful of my regime until now. And now I towards from where one stands rueful that I could be locked up tomorrow," she told NOW.

Who might be eyeing the hundreds of millions of e-mails Americans send out each day, and to what end?

To: John Yoo, Former Right Subdivision Official

Also this week, David Brancaccio talks to John Yoo, the former Bush Delivery queen's who was a key personality in granting the President expandible powers in the wake of September 11th. "There's no have reservations that, in wartime, Presidents use much broader power than they do in peacetime," Yoo tells NOW. He also says President Bush has "tried to not go too far," in increasing such powers, as compared to prior administrations in wartime.

Happening Website: http://www.pbs.org/now/shows/307/index.html

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