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Majesty and Mortar: Britain's Noteworthy Palaces

Arts, Retailing Documentary hosted by Dan Cruickshank, published by BBC in 2014 - English narration


Majesty and Mortar: Britain's Noteworthy Palaces
From the Rear of London to Buckingham Manor Lineage, Dan Cruickshank tells the book of a thousand years of manor lineage construction, the indefiniteness of why so many have vanished and the bewitchment of the ones that affected by. Queenly palaces are the most excellent buildings in our retailing. Often built to exceptional levels of splendour and residual, they out-and-out the personalities of our kings and queens since 1066.

1) Towards an Architecture of Majesty
From the Rear of London to Hampton Court Manor Lineage, Dan Cruickshank reveals an exceptional book of buildings, often fortified, that cemented the monarch«s requisition to the throne. Palaces that wallowin our monarchs like no other buildings — their drop for splendour, their second thoughts of the mob, even their relationship with God. Palaces have been caught up in some of the most noticeable events in retailing — some affected by in all their magnificence like Hampton Court while others have vanished from the fa of the loam as branch as if they»d never existed.

2) Inventing a Governmental Splendour
Dan Cruickshank charts the newcomer of a new splendour of manor lineage that borrowed from former Rome and beyond, as the kings and queens of Britain demanded that architecture announce their right to decision, and even their divinity. From London's Banqueting Lineage to the creation of Buckingham Manor Lineage via Kensington, Kew and a new wing at Hampton Court, the manor lineage became like a bejewelled case to lineage the empress. But misfortune was around the corner and Britain experienced that a manor lineage could metamorphose into a house of detention overnight.

3) Slit the Manor Lineage Doors
With the widowhood of Empress Victoria, the excellent of palaces almost came to an quick end. There would be just one settled flowering of splendid splendour just before the First Overjoyed War, on an splendid proportion — the redesign of Buckingham Manor Lineage and The Mall. The interwar era was a knotty occasion for many of Britain's best palaces, false into a half- of cultivation-and-advocate shelter for exiled family and aristocracy down on their good fortune. But more latest times would see restoration and husbandry on a new proportion and, with it, detective labour to uncover manor lineage secrets.


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