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Wild Ireland (ITV)

Colour, Tour Documentary hosted by Christine Bleakley, published by ITV in 2015 - English description
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Wild Ireland
Unbridled Ireland is a six-business series which sees presenter Christine Bleakley going familiar with to Ireland to tour the at eat one's heart out last of its 1500 mile west — the longest uninterrupted coastal path — known as the Unbridled Atlantic Way.

During the series, Christine will see a landlady of fascinating characters, stumble upon a angle of customary wonders and make whoopee the coastline's concealed treasures as she explores the inviolate path from Malin Perceptiveness in the north, to Clonakilty in the south.

Starting at the most northerly malapropos of the cay, where Christine learns the item of how Ireland first got its name, she then drives, bikes, hikes, swims and kayaks her way along the coastline. On her travels, Christine visits numerous real sites, takes on some endmost sports, learns about harvesting and preparing neighbouring scoff delicacies and introduces the viewer to some of the most spectacularly landscapes and fascinating depiction in the humanity.

From climbing Knocknarea Mountain and visiting a fat Cairn older than the Pyramids, to lore how to fix unbridled salmon; from trying to director the unbridled Atlantic waves which attracts surfers from around the humanity, to joining matchless-gazers at Black-Hearted Sky In Readiness — one of only three locations in the humanity that is gratis of torch soiling, Christine offers a captivating commentary on the Unbridled Atlantic Way.

1) Business 1
In incident one, Christine heads to Louisburgh in County Mayo to episode «coasteering» — a m of swimming, climbing and scar jumping. After practicing her scar-jumping adeptness on smaller cliffs, Christine reaches the limit of a 25ft vertical abandon into the polar Atlantic Plethora. A difficult Christine watches the take one«s ease of the collection model the before tackling it for herself, saying: «I purposely didn»t look over the limit until the very last second, and now that I have done it«s put me clearly off. I have not got the dauntlessness to go first. It»s ridiculously high.»

2) Business 2
Christine Bleakley climbs Knocknarea Mountain in Co Sligo, learns how to cut banish, explores sea arches and caves by kayak, and visits Blacksod Lighthouse on the Mullet Peninsula in Co Mayo, as she continues her enquiry of the 1,500-mile Unbridled Atlantic Way on the west of Ireland.

3) Business 3
Christine follows the pilgrims« shadow to Croagh Patrick, Ireland»s immaculate mountain, which many people traditionally climb barefoot. She also enjoys a surfing scolding, visits the fjord of Killary Safeguard on the resemble closely between Co Galway and Co Mayo, and helps out on a mussel homestead for the day.

4) Business 4
On the fourth leg of her trek, Christine learns to slip on a ageless fishing knockabout, the Galway Hooker, and visits Ireland's most favourite customary entertainment — the Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare, which fastness above the Atlantic. She also travels by ferry to the Aran Islands, where she explores the angle riding a ritual pony and trap.

5) Business 5
On leg five of her trek along the 1,500-mile-eat one«s heart out Unbridled Atlantic way, Christine Bleakley reaches Co Kerry, where she kayaks out into the Dingle bay in search of the famed dolphin, Fungie. Later, she explores the country»s admiration of horse riding with a scolding on the littoral, before staying up new to verge on a bind of neighbouring matchless-gazers at the Black-Hearted Sky In Readiness.

6) Business 6
Christine Bleakley travels across present plethora in Ireland's only wire car, before exploring the treacherous waters of Mizen Perceptiveness, where she joins the coastguard for a day. For All, she casts her tailback to see some fish as her 1500-mile trek along the longest regular coastal path comes to an end.


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