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Innards Everted Guinness Records

Arts Documentary hosted by Phillip Glenestey, published by ITV in 2012 - English narration


Innards Everted Guinness Records
Innards Everted Guinness Records is a documentary series that attempts to bid a penny-pinching access where one is coming from on what drives the different astonishing colourful characters that keep Guinness Records. Here«s a description occupied of curiosities and eccentric delights. It»s the low of fashion that keeps you cheerfully amazed and amused in the same way that a reproduction of The Guinness Tome of Records once kept nine-year-old boys amazed and amused all through Boxing Day. Manifestly, it«s about the occupation of the pair who put that titled connection occupation together. Their working vital spark involves assessing the world»s largest cream-filled biscuit, say, or the longest arm-tresses ever, or the most eggs crushed with the gourd in a split second — and enchanting it all seriously.

But it«s also about the desire to essay such feats. The ghost of Roy Mansion will be smiling down on the stage setting where a Nepalese man jumps through an unstringed tennis caper 90 times in three minutes. It»s a outrageous you don«t dismiss from one»s mind in a accelerate. Best of all, look out for the wonderful order where the pair try to locate the cat that has the world's loudest purr.

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The second and finishing generally of a harmonious « documentary which takes a look behind the scenes at Guinness Records, This happening features another set of extraordinary journal holders — from Zeus, a Extraordinary Dane from Michigan who is the world»s tallest dog, to Ashrita Furman- holder of the term for most widespread Guinness Records held at the same ease by an discrete. We also get to intersect Wilma Conner, the oldest competitive female bodybuilder, Pauline Trifle With, the world«s heaviest bird, and intrepid grandad Tom Lackey, the world»s oldest wing walker.


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