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Around The Sphere In 80 Gardens

Feather, Associate Documentary hosted by Monty Don, published by BBC in 2011 - English narration


Around The Sphere In 80 Gardens
Around the Sphere in 80 Gardens is a BBC series that follows broadcaster Monty Don as he travels all over the planet searching for sphere-refinement gardens — former and new-fashioned, elephantine and pocket-sized, legendary and mean. In add up to, exactly eighty gardens are featured during his 10 journeys, and register the Alhambra, the gardens of the Taj Mahal in India, the gardens of the Villa D'Este in Italy and many noted botanic and majestic gardens from Thailand to Bali, from New Zealand to Europe and from China to Mexico.

2) Australia and New Zealand
This week he travels to Australia and New Zealand, two of the youngest gardening cultures in the sphere. But it is not just about peaceful climates and wonderful plants. Monty sets out from the aptly named Botany Bay to uncover a myth of cultivation conflict and shrub assault, where the quiet habits of the inbred people and the gorgeous normal landscapes have been dashed aside in resemble of imported plants and a surprisingly English form of garden. By the days he finds his feet in New Zealand he's soon gasping for national plants and sets off in search of the tumultuous basic nature of New Zealand, where he revels in a magical rainforest garden created entirely of national plants.

Due to the 1st constituent 2 of Australia and New Zealand being jerky i have re- encoded it

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