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Wasted Kingdoms of South America

Customs Documentary hosted by Jago Cooper, published by BBC in 2013 - English narration


Dr Jago Cooper reveals the account of some of South America's venerable civilisations. Exploring ruins and investigating the correctness behind legends that ambience these cultures, Dr Cooper journeys through Peru, Bolivia and Colombia to glory in the unelaborated hieroglyphic of the continent through its archaeology, customs, people and landscapes.

1) People of the Clouds
He begins with an epic trek into the negligible Peruvian Andes in search of the hidden Chachapoya people. Once numbering half a million, they were known as the «People of the Clouds». Dr Cooper reveals how they developed worldly methods of recording stories, traded in remarkable goods develop hundreds of miles from their area, and had cremation traditions that question assumptions about venerable possibly manlike comportment. His search for verification takes him to astonishing bluff tombs untouched for 500 years and one of the most spectacular fortresses in South America, where the fortune of the Chachapoya is revealed.

2) The Stone at the Pivot
Artful in the Bolivian Andes at the top of 13,000ft stands Tiwanaku, the awe-inspiring ruins of a invulnerable pagoda town. Built by a civilisation who dominated a mammoth bundle up of South America, it was profligate 1,000 years ago. For centuries it has been a indefiniteness — how did a civilisation wave at such an altitude and why did it vanish? Jago Cooper journeys through Bolivia's spectacular prospect to analyse the origins of Tiwanaku and finds verification of an venerable people with extraordinary acquaintance of their situation, whose faith was based on collective elbow-grease and convention beer drinking.

3) Lands of Gold
Through the mountains and jungles of Colombia, Cooper goes in search of the correctness behind one of the greatest stories ever told — the celebrity of El Dorado. His trek takes him from Bogota to the Caribbean seaside, through territories once dominated by two cultures, the Muisca and the Tairona, who flourished for centuries before the coming of the Spanish in the 16th century. Cooper reveals forgotten peoples who valued gold in a way the Western men still struggles to show compassion for, roving to an astonishing wasted town and conclave the last survivors of an venerable civilisation.

4) Area of the Waste
In the spectacular deserts of coastal Peru, archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper explores the horrifying react to and be a patsy for cave in of Chimor, the first empire of South America. His trek begins among the ruins of a mammoth wasted town once habitation to an all-formidable nation, whose subjects transformed the waste prospect, created gold and treasures and believed so strongly in the power of their gods that they made the most horrifying of sacrifices. Chimor thrived despite fa some of the most harsh aura conditions in the men, but not even this formidable empire could confront the forces that sooner destroyed it.


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