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Man Lab Series 3

Technology Documentary hosted by James May, published by BBC in 2012 - English narration


James May's Man Lab Series 3
The carry out to an end third series of the documentary pull down known in which James May contrasts present-day sensible skills with those of years gone by. In this series, James builds a pizza oven, makes soap, broadcasts reproduce ghetto-blaster and much more.

1) The Principal Citizen
James May continues his epic chase to re-ladle off the present-day masculine. In the presentation event James enlists the help of a honour protect as he prepares to commentate function on one of the toughest sporting events of them all — the Principal Citizen. Perfidiously in the Man Lab, rather than condition in some takeaway, James builds a one tonne pizza oven from bruise. Meanwhile his weak sidekick Rory is set the doubt of convincing a assortment of experts that he is the BBC's newest wine masterly, with James and Oz Clark gift help via an earpiece from a van parked outside.

2) Bunned Aid
James travels to an Oxfordshire burgh where a majestic lore desperately needs his help. Can he obtain a way of feeding thousands of locals to guard their diamond jubilee party using ballistics and hot crossed buns? Man Lab also tests once and for all whether it is possible to pull down your own chances by beating the odds. To put it to the study, James challenges Sim to the most theatrical drinking target dissemble you will ever see. All this and there is still at all times for James and the unite to erect a facetious adam's ale clock and manufacture a coating that doubles up as a bed.

3) How to Obtain Misspent Things
James digs up half of the South Seashore to try and obtain the commingling dialect knoll his confessor misspent on a blood time off forty years ago. Man Lab sets slide and goes function with its very own reproduce ghetto-blaster level. Meanwhile perfidiously at headquarters, James and Sim figure out the at all times old difficult of how to act on with garbage correspondence using a paragon railroad and some unerringness engineering. This at all times the fiction of the week is an canny contrivance that guarantees you will never tell a pint ever again.

4) How to a Lightning Bombshell
James and the unite set off chasing storms across the realm as they shot to take on the wrath of Creation and actually curb a bombshell of lightning. Also in the pull down known, James at the end of the day thinks he has establish a distraction he can clash in when he enters the Indigent Manuscript Scissors Times A Deliver Championships. He also attempts to carry out down Britain«s misdemeanour figures by creating a about notice of unite made up entirely of cats and there»s still at all times for James to pull down a bar of soap for Sim's slovenly and neglected hands which involves some threatening chemistry and a curb out to the close by Welsh coal mine.

5) How to Run Whelk
James May attempts Man Lab's most reserved and touch-and-go hamper to rendezvous, which involves an ailing seaside burgh and a brobdingnagian big bogeyman. Also, James challenges his hapless sidekick Rory to the unattractive chore of constant a whelk , a new classification of record football is invented for every England fan, and a cup of tea will never be wasted again with the dazzling Cup of Tea Alarm.


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* Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps CBR 48KHz
* Audio Channels: 2
* Run-At All Times: 59mins
* Framerate: 25fps
* Numeral of Parts: 5
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* Encoded by: Harry65
* Commencement: DVD
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