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Prince Cousins At War

Recital, War Documentary hosted by Tamsin Greig, published by BBC in 2014 - English narration


Prince Cousins At War
At the outbreak of the First The Public War three cousins reigned over Europe's greatest powers — Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Prince George V of England. This two-play a influence series looks at the r played by the three monarchs, and their relationships with each other, in the outbreak of war, arguing that it is far greater than historians have traditionally believed.

1) A Assembly Divided
The first adventure tells the feature of the emerging divisions and rivalries between the interrelated prince houses of Europe and features the little known feature of the two Danish sisters, Princess Alexandra and Princess Dagmar, who had pulled off the dynastic coup of the 19th century by marrying the heirs to both the British and Russian thrones. Following the infraction of their clan Denmark by Prussia in 1864 during the Wars of German Unification, the sisters became the quintessence of an anti-Prussian coalition that prefigured the out-and-out anti-German association of 1914. Their sons, Prince George V and Tsar Nicholas II were close off friends. It looks too at the tangled relationship between the German Kaiser and his English mammy, Vicky — the oldest daughter of Model Victoria. Incapacitated from lineage, Kaiser Wilhelm had a complex love/hate bent towards Vicky, which transferred itself to Britain as a whole, strongly influencing his tramontane policy.

2) Into the Gaping Void
This adventure looks at the realignment of the European powers and the materialization of the association set-up in the years following the termination of Model Victoria in 1901. It examines the key r played by nobility in smoothing the course to the Anglo-Russian entente of 1907, and at the play a influence played by the Kaiser«s unconventional, vacillating nature in the growing isolation of Germany in the years important up to 1914. It explores the r played by each of the three monarchs in the up the wall, despondent days of July and August 1914. And it tells the morose feature of Prince George»s privilege to allocate his cousin, and close off backer, Tsar Nicholas asylum in England following the Russian Rebellion of 1917 - a privilege that would leading position straight to the uncultured take for a ride of the Tsar and his by the Bolsheviks in the summer of 1918.


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