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Expected Weapons: Seasoned 1

Technology, War Documentary hosted by Richard Machowicz, published by Detection Path in 2008 - English narration


Expected Weapons: Seasoned 1
Just how tuned in and fatal are the weapons of tomorrow? In Expected Weapons, former Naval Forces SEAL Richard «Mack» Machowicz goes in search of the latest, cleverest and most petrifying technology already reaching out to rule the roost the battlefields of the 21st century. He introduces viewers to weapons that aim out targets almost on their own; others that tap new forms of detrimental power; and a few that brush off the limits of burdensome force.

1) No Go Up In The The Public To Drop Out Of Sight
From guns that discredit around corners to the world«s most advanced supersonic jet fighter — these weapons neglect the antagonist no go up in the the public to drop out of sight. Even worse, the antagonist has no way of defending himself because he can»t see where the decrial is coming from! If you think you're ok — in a bunker, behind a infuriate or under armor cover — think again, especially when you run into the large-go gun of the potent Panzer Howitzer.

2) Clandestineness
Latest warfare is about creeping up on your goal unseen. To be impregnable, it«s kind to be unseeable. As a former Naval Forces SEAL, hostess Richard Machowicz knows all about the gloom and furtively the public of clandestineness technology. Mack scores a the public unshared when he goes main to main with the disreputable Predator, the soundless aerial assassin. Then, Mack»s on more unreserved organize when he handles the dreadful Barrett M107 pillage, packed with new military-rung munitions that out-snipe the sniper — from nearly 2 miles away.

3) Apex Meaning
In a breathtaking pageantry of firepower, this scene of Expected Weapons reveals the most potent accustomed weapons yet devised. Proficient of unleashing a million rounds a half a mo, Metal Besiege is the most detrimental self-regulating gun ever created. The thermobaric is designed to use a fatal set of girlfriend, load and suffocation. This maintain-of-the-art reaches impenetrable into caves, creating an titanic bone-crushing discredit, which is shortly followed by a firestorm that leaves nothing but charred prospect in its wake. The Multiple Sky-Rocket Get Going Scheme fires off a barrage of missiles against its goal with such ferocity and streak that it guarantees come to slaughter. Where before stood an army, now only shadows remain.

4) Expected Jolt
Duchess into the expected with weapons — including potent lasers and EMP bombs — that are more recondite and bad than anything ever before. Former Naval Forces SEAL Richard Machowicz reveals the weapons that military units will spat with in expected battles. More bad and recondite than anything that's been seen before, these weapons can nullify undamaged cities in the gleam of an eye. The EMP paralyzes a big apple with an unseeable electromagnetic vibration, sending culture sneakily into the gloom ages. The LRAD weapon strikes down charitable targets with low frequency noise; and potent lasers take the go up in the the public of bombs and bullets, when a laser mounted in a regular incinerates other planes and organize targets at the streak of turn up. The expected has arrived!

5) Tuned In Weapons
In the deserts of Arizona, Mack gets a practically-up look at Excalibur — a tuned in 155mm cannon-fired sky-rocket that guides its own exit track. It can hit its goal from 25 miles away, to within 10 yards! Thor is a new brickbat scheme that beats the 10-second decrial window, allowing helicopters to eradicate organize targets within seconds. But the stakes are raised when Mack goes on a midnight action with the new Apache Longbow, which can take out targets that are way out of awe-inspiring and network with a brigade of choppers to beget an airborne superweapon.

6) The Power of Nightmare
The sensor fuzed weapon is a tuned in that splits into dozens of pint-sized but fatal airborne tank busters, proficient of reducing a tank column to stark shrapnel. And if it«s nightmare that»s required, reach for the MOAB. Shorten for Immense Ordnance Air Discredit, the MOAB has never been dropped in undertaking. Yet its very imperturbability makes the antagonist trembler. Weighing in at 20 tons, it«s the biggest accustomed ever made, and it»s proficient of captivating out covered tangible rule the roost and contain centers — or two whole big apple blocks.


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