INTENSE TRAINS, hosted by Matt Bown, reveals the awe-inspiring inner workings and over lives of the stunning locomotives that tug enormous loads across the state and perform passengers to their destinations. The series shows the enormous chiefly these trains have played in shaping American biography--and how indispensable trains are to American spirit today.

Bursting with chill technology, the series shows how the wonderful-promiscuously commuter trains get up to speeds of 150 mph. It celebrates the travail of the men and women who travail on the railroads, often doing stout abrasive jobs in intense conditions just to keep America working. And it’s bursting with gigantic biography, from circus trains to holdups and cortege wrecks to coal trains and height-advance commuter trains.

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S01E06 - Overnight Traveler

This cortege match from Chicago to Seattle is the busiest commuter cortege in America. The avenue passes through America«s longest chunnel where Matt finds out how the railroad keeps passengers from choking to end and how to keep the tracks from flooding. In the Cascade Mountains he learns what it takes to the keep the rails bright of snow drifts over a dozen feet height! This affair covers how James J. Hill built the Gigantic Northern Railroad; and the Wellington avalanche calamity. It features some of America»s most unequalled scenery in Montana's Glacier Jingoistic Park.*** Hybrid Parameters ***
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