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OFFERING: 3 instalment documentary

David Attenborough narrates the lives of four growing tiger cubs using footage unexcited by occult-camera-carrying elephants.
INSTALMENT 1 - The tigress has her paws concerned with the four 10-day-old cubs, her first litter.

Over two years, the elephants help grab the most warm portrayal of tigers ever filmed. As they flower, the cubs remind from their mother's draw off onto nourishment. Fortunately, the tigress is a skilled tracker. Charger, their august daddy, keeps his rigidity but helps to shelter his weak progeny from rogue manly tigers and leopards.
INSTALMENT 2 - The cubs are now half-grown and very frisky, wisdom the skills they'll need as adults.

The half-grown cubs are wisdom the hunting and fighting skills they«ll need as adults. The cameras also yield an comprehension into the worlds of other animals, with leopards presenting a unfeigned menace to the growing cubs, and deer making salutary hunting mo = »modus operandi«. The tigers paramount to a damp mess to abate off on a steaming hot day, and the spy-cams display that the jungle pools are a magnet for a whole array of forest animals, including unmanageable boars and idleness bears. But cataclysm strikes when both the cubs» parents are injured and a rogue manly puts in an display.
INSTALMENT 3 - The cubs are now a year and a half old and wisdom to look high for themselves.

The cubs are now a year and a half old and their biggest to question is wisdom to look high for themselves, but their watch over soon loses equanimity. Many new physical stars for their display, including an unconquerable jackal that has to get along when the tiger invades their backyard, and a gang of peacocks that bait the tigers by playing a plucky of dare.

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