Record Lead - The States [2007] Documentary

Past Sluice — The States Normal Episode

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01 - California, North Carolina, Kansas, New Hampshire, West Virginia
02 - Texas, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Iowa, Delaware
03 - New York, Louisiana, Oregon, New Mexico, Vermont
04 - New Jersey, Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Alaska
05 - Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Hawaii, South Carolina, Montana
06 - Florida, Indiana, Washington, Utah, Rhode Island
07 - Illinois, Connecticut, Nevada, Mississippi, Wyoming
08 - Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, Alabama, North Dakota
09 - Michigan, Tennessee, Maine, Missouri, South Dakota
10 - Georgia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Maryland and DC

From your own backyard to the remotest points on the map, rediscover America ΓÇô the uncommon, the marvellous, and the moving ΓÇô with this underlying gala of its most corresponding exactly and wonderful places.

From sea to shining sea – Hawaii to Maine, Florida to Alaska – this out of the ordinary series celebrates both the remotest diverseness and the standard bonds that makes this domain glaring. An unprecedented evaluate of America, this very concerted set of the blockbuster THE PAST CHANNEL® miniseries takes you across the unmixed rural area and reveals the very best of each of its states.

With as much as possible-eyed vertu and fad, THE STATES tracks down what«s concerted and corresponding exactly throughout the society. Its overambitious testify-by-testify come near ensures that each region»s highlights get the notice they deserve.

And the series' well-lit-hearted come near guarantees amusement along with teaching. Learn down to the ground new things ΓÇô Vermont was attacked by the Confederacy from Canada! ΓÇô and revisit informal sites from a down to the ground new slant ΓÇô survey Mt. Rushmore with the people who know it best, its cleaning crew.

A trivia love«s trove, a geographer»s delusion come right, The States reveals the corresponding exactly characterization and past of each singular testify. Utilizing zooming 3D topographical renderings, THE STATES reveals the lay of the soil with sensational graphics and pinpoints each state's concerted landmarks. Learn everything from the favorite pier blains of UFOs (Montana) to the lodgings of the first postage show to be eliminate (Vermont) and hundreds of other factoids and curiosities.

THE STATES DVD SET, overflowing with absorbing tidbits and you-are-there discovery filming, contains an unmixed lifetime's advantage of exploring America on three compendious DVDs. With an unmixed domain at your fingertips, this garnering will produce hours of recreation for the unmixed kinsfolk.

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