Hollywood - A Commemoration of the Hollywood Unspoken Dim (1980)

The exact video summary of the art of the American mute vapour. Hollywood, also known as Hollywood: A Commemoration of the American Mute Vapour (1980) is a documentary series produced by Thames Boob Tube which discussed the the ruling class and growth of the Hollywood studios and its hit on 1920s suavity. The series consisted of thirteen one hour episodes, with each adventure dealing with a typical of characteristic of Hollywood summary. It was written and directed by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill. The actor James Mason provided narration.

Intricate value was an significant characteristic of the forming. Mute films had often been screened on boob tube from pitiful-value copies game at the illicit precipitousness, usually accompanied by honky tonk piano music. Hollywood used mute vapour clips that were sourced from the best available fabric, shown at their genuine game precipitousness and with orchestral scores, giving viewers a unintentional to see what they to begin with looked and sounded like.

The producers recorded the recollections of many of the period's celebrity artists, and illustrated their interviews with scenes from their various films, as well as forming still photographs, and honest photographs of the Los Angeles environs. Subjects such as Rudolph Valentino and Clara Bow were represented by vapour scenes, but where possible the series made use of concurrent interviews by survivors of the era.

The series features interviews from such stars as; Mary Astor, Eleanor Boardman, Louise Brooks, Jackie Coogan, Dolores Costello, Viola Dana, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Janet Gaynor, Leatrice Joy, Lillian Gish, Bessie Beloved, Ben Lyon, Colleen Moore, Gloria Swanson, Blanche Attractive, John Wayne (in one of his last interviews), Lois Wilson, Clarence Brown, Genuine Capra, George Cukor, Allan Dwan, Byron Haskin, Henry Hathaway, Henry Prince, Lewis Milestone, Hal Roach, Prince Vidor and William Wyler.

Volumes :

01 - The Pioneers
02 - In The Beginning
03 - Segregate Beds & Duplicated Standards
04 - Hollywood goes to War
05 - Hazards of the Game
06 - Swanson and Valentino
07 - Autocrats
08 - Comedy is a Serious Business
09 - Out West
10 - The Man with the Megaphone
11 - Take Care Of The Problem of the Light
12 - Celebrated Treatment
13 - End of an Era

«The Pioneers» — The progress of vapour from penny arcade meddlesomeness to art kind, from what was considered the first intrigue driven vapour, The Dedicated Trail Looting, through to The Emergence of a Political Entity, films showing the power of the medial. Untimely Technicolor footage, along with other color technologies, are also featured. Interviews number Lillian Gish, Jackie Coogan and Prince Vidor.

«In the Beginning» — Hollywood is transformed from a peaceable village with dusty streets and lemon groves to the birthplace of the work in California. Mute vapour transcends supranational boundaries to become a worldwide experience. Interviews number Henry Prince, Agnes de Mille, and Lillian Gish.

«Single Beds and Duplicated Standards» — Fixed happy result in Hollywood brings a cavalier dinner party lifestyle, which led to horrible scandals such as Roscoe «Fatty» Arbuckle«s sample and next acquittal for manslaughter. To healthy down the semblance of Hollywood and cut back films with footage unsuitable to all audiences, Will H. Hays is appointed and introduces Hollywood»s self regulated Forming Jus Divinum «divine Law», which would be enforced well into the 1960s, while filmmakers still organize artistic ways to nowadays «adult» situations. Interviews number Prince Vidor and Gloria Swanson.

«Hollywood Goes To War» — The outbreak of Have War I provides Hollywood with a renowned documentation for plots and profits. Peacetime curtails the revolve about loose of war movies, until the revolve about loose of Prince Vidor«s The Big Entourage in 1925. Wings (1927) earns the first Academy Reward for Best Envisage. As movies metastasis to intact, All-Encompassing releases Lewis Milestone»s All Smooth on the Western Face, showing the German side of the affray, becoming a formidable account of war by the creation that fought it. Interviews number Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Prince Vidor and Lillian Gish.

«Hazard of the Game» — Mute films are often remembered for slapstick gags and treacherous stunts. Stuntmen took anonymous confidence in for very little pay and could not take pleasure in their involvement. Stuntmen Yakima Canutt, Harvey Parry, Bob Rose and Paul Malvern tell trifle-raising and whimsical stories, and take pleasure in the secrets behind many honoured stunts.

«Swanson and Valentino» — Two of the dedicated fictitious legends of the mute camouflage are profiled. Rudolph Valentino's on-camouflage face is remarkably different from his honest in the flesh spirit, as recounted by his buddy, Albert, and Gloria Swanson recalls her method take — and perish — with notable candor.

«The Autocrats» — Two of Hollywood«s greatest directors, Cecil B. DeMille and Erich von Stroheim. One worked with the Hollywood method, the other against it. DeMille»s pictures, pour in fine points and outlay, made his studio a future, while Von Stroheim's be like ways, albeit to over-abundance in footage and expense, resulted in films that were often either excessively cut by the studios or never released, primary to his being fired on several occasions. Interviews number Agnes DeMille, Gloria Swanson and Henry Prince.

«Comedy — A Serious Business» — Hollywood well-informed very untimely how to assail c promote people disregard. Comedy was prince, and battling for the throne were stars like Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Harry Langdon and Charlie Chaplin. In a purely visual medial, their comedy was a labour of flair. Interviews number Hal Roach, Sr., Jackie Coogan, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd

«Out West» — «The Old West» was still in being in the mute days. Old cowboys and outlaws re-lived their adolescence, and got paid for doing it, by working in films. The «western craze» really begins with stars like William «Buffalo Bill» Cody and Tom Mix. Interviews number Yakima Canutt, Colonel Tim McCoy, Harvey Parry and John Wayne.

«The Man With the Megaphone» — Mute vapour directors were jaunty pioneers, making up their technic as they went along. Filming «indoor» sets on moot outside lots and combating the elements, communicating with actors in animosity of mind-blowing diversion and deafening turmoil, directors (virile and female) mode dedicated films out of hotchpotch and hotchpotch. Interviews number Bessie Beloved, Janet Gaynor, and Prince Vidor.

«Trick of the Light» — Skilled cameramen had the know-how to revolve about an actress into a camouflage goddess, and were valuable assets to studios and stars. With the aid of art directors, they achieved some of the most staggering and treacherous sequences captured on vapour, pioneering photography effects used through the leftovers of the 20th century. Interviews number William Wyler and Lillian Gish.

«Star Treatment» — Producers discovered the intent of «star power» on their box aid prat filament. Creating Hollywood stars becomes its own work, resulting in the Hollywood Celebrated Method, from which came Clara Bow, Lillian Gish, and John Gilbert, successor to Rudolph Valentino as «The Dedicated Lover». But as comfortably as they made them, studios could disturb b trail them. Interviews number Charles «Buddy» Rogers, Louise Brooks and Prince Vidor.

«End of an Era» — Mute films had all-encompassing sue, altogether by replacing intertitles and conference cards for the odd markets. Intact vapour was experimented with in many forms since the 1890s, but did not become commercially renowned until The Jazz Songster in 1927. Hollywood motion envisage making was transformed and essentially shattered, compelling the careers of many mute vapour stars, directors and producers with it, victims of the emerging technology. Interviews number Lillian Gish, Mary Astor, Janet Gaynor, George Cukor and Genuine Capra, Sr.

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