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Series : Former Worlds
Crown : The Republic of Worthiness
Affair Hundred : S01E05
Type : Documentary/Factual/History
iMDB URL : n/a
Air Escort : 12/08/2010 (SD) 12/08/2010 (HD)
DVD Rel Escort : n/a
SFM Rel Escort : 12/09/2010
Ripped By : SFM
Start : Fast Description
Video Order : x264 (in matroska container)
Video Changelessness : 1280x720 (25 fps)
Video Bitrate : 2 Behind The Times @ 3342 kb/s AVG
Audio Bitrate : AC3 2.0 @ 192 kb/s AVG
Representational Estimate : 48 kHz
Extensively : 59 MiN 01 SECS
Value : 1.45 GB (1,564,543,371 bytes)
MD5 Sum : 5ba4c424078037c28ebb3e907ae0fe01
Packs : 32 x 50MB

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How did an trivial crowd of Latin hill villages
on the work one's way of the civilised times a deliver become the greatest
empire the times a deliver has known? In the fifth pr of
the series, archaeologist and historian Richard Miles
examines the rarity of the Roman Republic, from its
fratricidal traditional beginnings, with the motto of
Romulus and Remus, to the all too actual fierceness of its
end, dragged to breaking up by war lords like Pompey
the Grand and Julius Caesar.

Nomadic to Sicily and North Africa, Richard tells
the geste of Rome's century-extensive tussle for dominance
with the other grand regional power, Carthage. It was a
tussle that would end with the outright breaking up of
this indomitable adversary and the mutation of
landlubber Rome into a seapower, and the Republic into
an Empire. But with no-one left side to blow rhythm, the only adversary
that Rome had left side was itself.

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