Dungeons & Dragons [Ideal] (1983-1985) DVD-R PAL

Dungeons & Dragons The Performed Passionate Series (1983 — 1985) DVD-R PAL (4x DVD)

Sort Passionate Series
Created by Dave Arneson & E. Gary Gygax
Kevin Paul Coates
Attend To Evanier
Dennis Marks
Voices of Willie Aames
Don Most
Katie Leigh
Adam Rich
Tonia Gayle Smith
Teddy Field
Sidney Miller
Peter Cullen
Candid Welker
Bob Holt
Native Land of descent Mutual States
Japan (Passionate)
Boss organizer(s) David H. DePatie (Pep Up 1)
Lee Gunther
Margaret Loesch (Seasons 2-3)
Organizer(s) Bob Richardson (Pep Up 1)
Karl Geurs (Seasons 2-3)
Play band(s) Wonder At Productions
TSR Diversion, Inc.

Dungeons & Dragons is an American passionate small screen series based on TSR«s Dungeons & Dragons r-playing scheme. A co-play of Wonder At Productions and TSR, the indicate was commonplace in the Mutual States and ran for three seasons on CBS. The show»s curriculum vitae editors were Hank Saroyan and Steve Gerber, who both contributed episodes and had a constant in the handwriting of the series.

The everyday proposal of the indicate is that a assembly of children are pulled into the «Realm of Dungeons & Dragons» by bewitching a magical lowering defraud tour on an diversion deposit breaker coaster. Invariably, the children wish most to replacing retirement community, but often take detours to help people, or distinguish that their fates are intertwined with the destruction of others.

After arriving in the Area, the children are a little out of sort, but the Prison Grasp, named for the r of the referee in the r-playing scheme, appears assuming the r of their mentor, and gives them each clothing and magical materials to gratify their abilities.

The energy characters of the indicate are six friends, ranging from age 8 to 15, trying to distinguish their way retirement community. They are:


Hank, the Ranger (Willie Aames)

Eric, the Cavalier (Don Most)

Diana, the Acrobat (Tonya Gail Smith)

Presto, the Merlin (Adam Delicious)

Bobby, the Clod (Ted Cricket Pitch III)

Uni, the Unicorn (Candid Welker)

Prison Grasp (Sidney Miller)


Venger, Thrust of Woeful (Peter Cullen)

Chum Cacodemon (Bob Holt)

Tiamat (Candid Welker)

Pep Up 1: (1983)
Pep Up 2: (1984)
Pep Up 3: (1985)

Disc 1

01 «The Continuously of No Tomorrow»
02 «Eye of the Beholder»
03 «The Meeting of Bones»
04 «Valley of the Unicorns»
05 «In Search of the Prison Master»
06 «Beauty and the Bogbeast»
07 «Prison Without Walls»

Disc 2

08 «Servant of Evil»
09 «Quest of the Skeleton Warrior»
10 «The Garden of Zinn»
11 «The Box»
12 «The Irrecoverable Children»
13 «P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster»
14 «The Filly Who Dreamed Tomorrow»

Disc 3

15 «The Darling of Tardos»
16 «City at the Crabbed of Midnight»
17 «The Traitor»
18 «Day of the Prison Master»
19 «The Last Illusion»
20 «The Dragon's Graveyard»
21 «Child of the Stargazer»

Disc 4

22 «The Prison at the Quintessence of Dawn»
23 «The While Lost»
24 «Odyssey of the Twelfth Talisman»
25 «Citadel of Shadow»
26 «Cave of the Fairie Dragons»
27 «The Winds of Darkness»

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Words: English
Feature Relationship: 1.33:1
RunTime: 573min

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