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Gods and Monsters

Telling Documentary hosted by Tony Robinson, published by Direct 4 in 2012 - English narration


Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters
Tony Robinson explores the preternatural and wonderful telling of maxim, superstition and rigorous sense in Britain. For 2000 years, Britain has been a Christian mother country. Or has it? In the score, our ancestors actually kept many other misty, fantastical beliefs energetic. It was a in all respects underpinned by exotic, harmful and straightforward preternatural beliefs. Ideas that today seem preposterous, but were seen as uncontroversial and hugely substantial, with some having shaped our telling as much as mainstream religion.

1) The Undead
Featuring exaggerated reconstructions, the breach description examines our pull with and anxiety of out bodies. People in the finished believed that even in dying a assemblage retained some reviving , and that the out could be upstanding from the sober to cause despoliation among the living. Why did they believe this? What powers did they believe the out had? And what did they do about it? Tony's tour takes him on a fascinating and sometimes hilarious spell of some of the darkest recesses of the primeval brainpower, and brings him mush to mush with a epidemic-breathing zombie, a out assemblage that seems energetic three weeks after it died, and the English monarchs who ate the bodies of their subjects.

2) Woeful Spirits
Fancy a in all respects revealing powerful of demons who could take up your assemblage and take curb of it. A in all respects populated by hidden spirits that would take humans — and especially babies, leaving «changelings» in their correct. A in all respects where unsuitable manners or view affliction was taken as evince of territory by a imp, and a mark that your ardour was damned to torture. For thousands of years this was the in all respects our ancestors believed they lived in, and it was wholly horrifying. But why did they believe this? What did they think spirits were? And what did they do to try and uphold themselves against them? With the aid of exaggerated reconstructions Tony tries to counter-statement these questions. He travels from Roman Britain to 19th-century Ireland; on the way he reveals the yarn of a broad who became obsessed when she was enveloped in a milk-white cloud, he learns how to produce an exorcism, summons up demons using mediaeval sombre enchantment, and reveals the horrifying yarn of a 19th-century broad who was killed by her hubby because he compassion she'd been replaced by a fairy.

3) Plague
Instead of blaming bacteria, viruses or in default of organs, our ancestors blamed plague and affliction on demons, sprites and God. They sought cures not in pills or plasters, but in plea, potions and the paranormal. Plague was arcane and was associated with evil; the assemblage was a battleground between the forces of gifted and woeful. Tony«s tour with little into this in all respects begins in Saxon times 1400 years ago. He discovers how relics from a former learning led people to believe that ailments such as strokes and angina were caused by playful elves. Looking with little to the Stone Age, Tony attempts to recreate a horrifying surgical continue pioneered 6000 years ago, which confusing penetrating through a skull to risk the percipience. The mistake in the block b stop provided an avoid course for the woeful spirits that had invaded the victim»s assemblage. Warding off sickness might just mean using ultramundane fragrances but if your sickness was a great quartering, treatment meant penalty, flagellation, plea and fasting. The intrepid might try love their sickness onto a assemblage already written for torture. If woeful could be removed from the assemblage, could goodness and salubriousness be transferred in? Our ancestors believed it could. Tony is immersed in a pit filled with the blood and viscera of a great unwashed of slaughtered bulls. Could this pave to brainpower-boggling recovery?


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