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BBC — At Habitation with the Georgians (2011)

At Habitation with the Georgians
Superlative delightful father Professor Amanda Vickery sets her sights on the favourable age of homemaking — the Georgian era. Through dramaturgical reconstruction she traces the allegation of the unparalleled relationship Britons derive pleasure with their homes, arguing that the Georgians« preoccupation with decor helped to redefine the voice played by men and women in British people. Characters from all walks of person including gentlewomen in their distinguished mansions and servants with only a locking box to tinkle their own, are brought to person as Amanda reveals the artefacts, letters and diaries of the age where the latest image of a »home' was born.

Voice 1: A Mans Place
In this three-voice series, historian Amanda Vickery explores how the giant British fixed idea with our homes began 300 years ago. Using the warm diaries and letters of Georgian men and women, times obsolete to narrative, she explores how the demand for a habitation revolutionised relationships between men and women. She uncovers some surprising truths: about the lives of spinsters and bachelors; about how the habitation became decisive to the attainment or otherwise of a marriage; and, perhaps the biggest their heels of all, that stage set up habitation in the 18th century was not driven by women (as you might presume) but by men.

Voice 2: A Womans Touch
The British fixed idea with beautifying our homes is not a new exception — it began with a to the utmost in the Georgian era. In this second abstract of the series historian Amanda Vickery — on a outing from distinguished habitation to pauper«s attic — reveals how »taste' became the buzzword of the age 300 years ago and gave women a new egress for their creativity, raising their stature in the habitation as a consequence. But with it came new anxieties about getting it right.

Voice 3: Ok as Houses
In this third voice of the series about how the British fixed idea with our homes began 300 years ago, historian Amanda Vickery uses sources, from warm diaries to Old Bailey records, to bask in how the 18th century habitation was constantly under intimation from boosting, fervour, split, neediness, disorder, old age and obliteration. Georgian houses may seem like sanctuaries of together quiet good taste to us today, but at the stretch they were clamorous shambolic places bursting with extended families, servants and lodgers and threatened by the lawlessness of Georgian streets. How did the Georgians prosper their houses havens of sanctuary and security? How did the Englishman quarrel to prosper his habitation his castle?

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