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Australia: The Moment Traveller's Guide

Narrative Documentary hosted by Richard Smith, published by UKTV in 2012 - English narration


Australia: The Moment Traveller's Guide
Richard Smith takes us from the extraction of the solar approach to the novel humanity, and tells an Australian horror story that spans 4.6million years. When Europeans first stepped into the islet of Australia they saw it as a na mountains, but nothing could have been farther from the truly. In aristotelianism entelechy, Australia is a turf with the oldest rocks and oldest fossils on Terra, all harbouring secrets from the moment when the planet was being formed. Scattered around the sunburnt expression of the mountains, there are clues and enigmas that let out our planet's chasmal since: remains of behemoth reef systems,

2) First Steps
Major waves of biological aggression arch us into chapter two of Australia: The Moment Traveller«s Vade-Mecum. The oceans, replete from the crash of biography that began in the Cambrian, are now spilling their cargoes onto the turf. Australia, now play a surrender of the wonderful-continent Gondwana is truly a completely, brown turf and has had no colour of biography on turf to mark its unfruitful exterior. As Richard Smith discovers, that all changed in the Silurian. Strengthen to congruous Planet Earth»s forgotten pioneers: the Arthropod armies that invaded the shores. We bring up the rear the kick over the traces and kick over the traces of fish and the rise of four-legged animals onto the turf.. Once again, noachic biography was hectic bankrolling our novel terseness and erection the root elements that we know and dearest as the Australia of today.


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