Batman the Stout and the Plucky Seasn 2 complete{C_P} UPDATE

Batman the Stout and the Plucky Seasn 2 complete{C_P} UPDATE
I need to apologise to everyone who has already downloaded variant 1 of this effusion, I discovered there were 2 episodes missing
testily after I'd started seeding it but rather than termination and restart from pick-up I unwavering to let it drain and then culmination this update.

As things worked out tho it means I am able to substitute the in circulation copies of episodes 225 & 226 with the new copies I have just finished
encoding from a new informant I initiate last vespers all the once in a while, they are far better blue blood than the in circulation resized copies of the NATV release.
Instructions for loading existing effusion folder
When you download the effusion portfolio for this updated replication of the series you need to pressure certain that the download putting is the same as the existing

ie C:/user/.././My Videos/Batman the Audacious and the Audacious Seasn 2 complete{C_P}
this can usually be done on the box your effusion customer opens when you unreserved open a effusion portfolio, if you have a lapse folder set it should finger the

folder automatically but you may need to termination the effusion and right click on it and preferable «advanced >» then «set download location» from the dropdown


Once the folder putting is set as the same as the existing one your customer should automatically token the files and will fill everything you have

already downloaded, if this does not come off automatically right click the effusion again and preferable «Force re-check», if it does not fill the existing

files re token the download putting.

Another way to do it is to allow the effusion download enough to sire a new folder then termination it cut/paste all the files from the existing folder into

the new one, making sure you preferable «replace existing files» when asked and again enforce the customer to do a re-token.

Once your customer is showing the 22 episodes that are twin in both torrents it will then only need to maintain downloading the 4 new, updated


Once again, sorry for the hassle but the new copies of 225 and 226 wioll pressure it quality the effort.

2: 2009-2011 Commandant Novelist Airdate

01 «Death Nation to Nihility!» Michael Goguen Greg Weisman November 20, 2009 (2009-11-20) 203

Teaser: When a descendant intellect drinks a pattern turning him into Blockbuster and then invades a museum to appropriate a diamond, Batman and Captain Gape At unite

up to termination him.

Might Plan: Mongul forces heroes (Batman, Grassy Arrow, Guy Gardner, Huntress, Counterfeit Man, and Woozy Winks) and villains (Jet-Black Manta, Catwoman,

Gentleman Ghost, and Jester) resembling to nation against Steppenwolf for Earth's survival.

02 «Long Arm of the Law!» Ben Jones James Krieg December 11, 2009 (2009-12-11) 201
Teaser: Batman and Counterfeit Man freeing some boy scouts from a platoon of sleeping Untidy Men, until Counterfeit Man awakens them.

Might Plan: Kite Man plans give tit for tat on Counterfeit Man for putting him to send up the river after years working for him as one of his henchmen. With a new sidekick named

Stare, Kite Man threatens Counterfeit Man's people, including his spouse Ramona, his son Coddle Plas, and his sidekick Woozy Winks, and also plans to

eradicate his powers as well.

03 «Revenge of the Reach!» Michael Chang J. M. DeMatteis January 1, 2010 (2010-01-01) 202

Teaser: Batman helps the Challengers of the Little-Known in a grapple against a ogre spider on Dinosaur Atoll. The unite of heroes are later ambushed by a

platoon of Starro clones that came from the crashed meteorite.

Might Plan: Following a grapple with Infelicitous Lady, Batman and Dejected Beetle physiognomy off against an from nation called the Reach with the help of the Grassy Lantern

Troop. It turns out that Dejected Beetle's scarab is linked to the Reach as revealed by the Guardians of the Universe.

04 «Aquaman's Abusive Exploit!» Ben Jones Steven Melching January 8, 2010 (2010-01-08) 204
Teaser: Batman travels slyly through Community War I to shout upon the help of Competitor Ace to grapple an from using a weapon to start an army on Competitor Ace's


Might Plan: After defeating Fisherman, Aquaman goes on vacation with his spouse Mera and his son Arthur Jr. However, they termination along the way when Aquaman

helps other heroes. One of the stops involves Batman from the Penguin.

05 «The Tow-Haired Age of Fair Play!» Michael Chang Todd Casey January 15, 2010 (2010-01-15) 205

Teaser: Batman and Detective Chimp solder together forces to finger out who swiped the Tow-Haired Skull and unearth that one of the suspects is actually Flawed-Physiognomy.

Might Plan: An aging Fair Play of America (consisting of the second Jet-Black Canary, Doctor Mid-Nite, the Tow-Haired Age , Hawkman, Hourman, and

Wildcat) is faced with the replacement of their worst competitor Per Degaton as he returns from suspended spirit to ordain a pattern for community oppression with his

subordinate Professor Zee. Meanwhile, Jet-Black Canary helps Wildcat physiognomy his greatest regrets which intricate the aboriginal Jet-Black Canary.

06 «Sidekicks Unite!» Michael Chang Marsha F. Griffin January 22, 2010 (2010-01-22) 208

Teaser: In a flashback, the younger Robin, Swift, and Aqualad, physiognomy-off against multiple villains in a simulation in the Batcave while Batman, Aquaman,

and Grassy Arrow on the qui vive for in the mastery room.

Might Plan: In the contemporary, Robin, Swift, and Aqualad, have had it with being bossed around by Batman, Grassy Arrow, and Aquaman, and immediately a ruined of

the battle. They get more than they bargained for when the three sidekicks finger themselves fa off against Ra's al Ghul and his daughter Talia al

Ghul on a flying atoll.

07 «Clash of the Metal Men!» Michael Goguen Dean Stefan January 29, 2010 (2010-01-29) 206

Teaser: After serving Batman be victorious over a set of pirates, Aquaman returns to Atlantis to finger it overtaken by Starro clones. There he meets the Faceless

Huntsman who is preparing for the Artistic Starro Blitzkrieg.

Might Plan: During a conflict with Chemo, Batman is introduced to a unite of zippy androids known as the Metal Men. When their founder Dr. Milton Magnus

goes missing at the hands of the Gas Set, Batman and the Metal Men unite up to trace them down.

08 «A Bat Divided!» Ben Jones Thomas Pugsley February 5, 2010 (2010-02-05) 207

Teaser: Booster Gold and Skeets end up on the Riddler's artifice mortify «Riddle Me This» and are studied to rejoinder riddles for the nemesis of Batman.

Might Plan: During a principles land-detonate, the villain Doctor X battles Batman and causes a atomic reply that splits the ideal into three

emotionally insecure personas. Luckily, the sparkling devotee Jason Rusch and the dimwitted teacher Ronnie Raymond are transformed into the superhero

Firestorm who lends Batman a serving closely line for line pulling himself together.

09 «The Wonderful-Batman of Planet X!» Michael Goguen Adam Beechen Trek 26, 2010 (2010-03-26) 209

Teaser: Dr. Milton Magnus and the Metal Men unite up with Batman (who is clandestine using his Matches Malone front) to take down Kanjar Ro and his set

of intergalactic rank bandits.

Might Plan: Grassy Arrow assists Batman in defeating the left over rank pirates, but during a follow, a wormhole is created and it sends Batman to the

withdrawn planet Zur-En-Arrh in the big apple of Gothtropolis. There he meets his doppelganger, the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, but more surprisingly, on this

planet the Caped Crusader has wonderful powers.

Together, they conflict the mad intellect Rohtul who soon learns Batman's wonderful weakness.

10 «The Power of Shazam!» Ben Jones Steven Melching April 2, 2010 (2010-04-02) 210

Teaser: The Faceless Huntsman is shown fighting and putting several heroes under Starro mastery preparing for a total-scope blitzkrieg as he recaps his

preparation for the Artistic Starro Blitzkrieg.

Might Plan: Batman teams up with Captain Gape At to conflict Doctor Sivana and Jet-Black Adam when they wish to usurp the necromantic of Shazam that gives Billy his


11«Chill of the Vespers All The Once In A While!» Michael Chang Paul Dini April 9, 2010 (2010-04-09) 211

Teaser: Abra Kadabra attempts to appropriate the contents of a museum celebrating history's greatest magicians, when Batman brings his old coddle Zatanna in

mandate to stymie him and his army of remembrance controlled slaves.

Might Plan: The Theorize On and the Vision Visitor pressure a bet on Bruce Wayne's , concerning how he will agreement with the gen of the man who killed

his parents, Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. Batman finds the malefactor is Joe La, who is auctioning off a strongly telling weapon to several of Batman's


Weird Patron Stars: Adam West as Thomas Wayne, Julie Newmar as Martha Wayne, Kevin Conroy as the Vision Visitor, and Label Hamill as the Theorize On.

12«Gorillas in Our Middle!» Michael Goguen Todd Casey April 16, 2010 (2010-04-16) 212

Teaser: Professor Milo designs a way to mastery rats, and uses his new technology to appropriate diamonds only to run afoul of Batman and the Theorize On.

Might Plan: When Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah, and Gorilla Boss sort G.A.S.P. (petite for Gorillas and Apes Seizing Power) and succeed all of Gotham

City«s complete natives with gorillas, Batman teams with Detective Chimp, B»wana Zoological, and Vixen (after the latter two termination Lulu Moth and his

henchmen from robbing an armored car) to stymie Gorilla Grodd's plans.

13 «The Box of Starro! Portion One» Ben Jones Joseph Kuhr June 13, 2010 (2010-06-13) (UK)
September 17, 2010 (2010-09-17) (USA)[5] 213

Teaser: A voiceover explains how there have always been heroes to be victorious over villains throughout background like Anthro fighting Kru'll the Timeless, Etrigan

the Cacodemon fighting Morgaine le Fey, Jonah Hex and Cinnamon fighting the Noblewoman Arouse Set, the Fair Play of America fighting Per Degaton's army,

and Batman fighting Ra's al Ghul. Meanwhile, Guy Gardner, Kilowog and several others conflict Starro-controlled Grassy Lanterns in rank.

Might Plan: With most of Earth«s heroes under the mastery of Starro, Batman and Booster Gold unite up with Firestorm, B»wana Zoological and Captain Gape At to

conflict the Faceless Huntsman and stymie the blitzkrieg of Starro.

14 «The Box of Starro! Portion Two» Michael Goguen Joseph Kuhr September 24, 2010 (2010-09-24)[5] 214

Teaser: A recap of the first portion is shown, followed by B«wana Beast»s inauguration parentage story.

Might Plan: Starro may be defeated, but the Faceless Huntsman is not. The from warrior manipulates B'wana Zoological, forcing him to mix the slight Starros

into one bulky zoological he plans to use to crush Dejected Planet. But Batman has his own slyly-up pattern, in the sort of the Metal Men to freeing him.

15 «Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!» Michael Chang Greg Weisman May 29, 2010 (2010-05-29) (AUS)
October 1, 2010 (2010-10-01) (USA)[5] 215

Teaser: Batman and the Outsiders (Jet-Black Lightning, Katana, Metamorpho, Geo-Enforce and Aureole) must stymie Kobra's pattern of far-reaching oppression and his army of


Might Plan: Two years ago, Barry Allen and Batman worked together to liberate themselves from villains like Gorilla Grodd, Captain Miscarry, and Reproduce

Wizard. Two years later, the Rogues (consisting of Warmness Whiffle, Seedy Wizard and Captain Stone-Cold), Jay Garrick and Kid are depressed over Barry

Allen's obvious expiration when he was pursuing Professor Zoom. However, after seeing the puzzling ghost of Barry Allen, Batman and the two Flashes use

the help of the Cosmic treadmill to journey to the 25th century, where Professor Zoom has taken over as the conqueror.

16 «The Last Protection!» Ben Jones J. M. DeMatteis September 18, 2010 (2010-09-18) (AUS)[7]October 8, 2010 (2010-10-08) (USA) 216

Teaser: In a flashback, Batgirl debuts as she saves Batman from the of unsound mind Lulu Moth, but they are later captured by the Penguin.

Might Plan: The Fate Protection comes out of retirement when a platoon of villains (consisting of Composite Zahl, Mastermind, Monsieur Mallah, Zoological-Vegetable-

Mineral Man, Arsenal, and Mutant Wizard) tries to assassinate them.

17 «The Semblance of Matches Malone!» Michael Chang Gail Simone September 25, 2010 (2010-09-25) (AUS) 224

Teaser: Batman joins forces with Jet-Black Orchid as they both grapple the circe, but chancy, Warp Ivy, along with her henchwomen.

Might Plan: Jet-Black Canary and Huntress, along with Catwoman, proceed with Two-Physiognomy. At the same once in a while, Batman (in his Matches Malone front) gets amnesia and

believes himself to actually be a gunsel. This affair features the dulcet handful «Birds of Prey».

18 «Menace of the Madniks!» Michael Goguen Jim Krieg October 2, 2010 (2010-10-02) (AUS)
October 15, 2010 (2010-10-15) (USA) 218

Teaser: Batman teams up with the Haunted Tank to grapple Ma Snuff Out and her set.

Might Plan: Following a grapple with the Madniks, Booster Gold misses his up to date old coddle Ted Kord so he travels slyly in once in a while to dally with him. His once in a while

traveling to help Dejected Beetle termination the Madniks soon changes the contemporary when the effects of the Quark Rod that Booster Gold blew up causes the

Madniks to become -draining monsters. Batman
and Booster Gold must fix the timeline and get one last exploit in with Dejected Beetle before he passes on.

19 «Emperor Jester!» Ben Jones Steven Melching October 9, 2010 (2010-10-09) (AUS)
October 22, 2010 (2010-10-22) (USA) 219

Teaser: From the files of the Bat-Computer, Batman and Robin conflict Firefly and his Rainbow Deformity in a esteem to Detective Comics culmination #241.

Might Plan: After Batman defeats Ten-Eyed Man during a jewelry appropriation, Bat-Mite gives his powers to the Jester by miscalculation. He uses his new gifts to remake

the community in his own replica and starts tiring Batman and bringing him slyly to duration over and over again. At the same once in a while, Bat-Mite develops a repress on

Harley Quinn and blemish versa.

20 «The Criss Irascible Dirty Work!» Michael Chang Marsha Griffin October 29, 2010 (2010-10-29) (USA)
October 30, 2010 (2010-10-30) (AUS) 220

Teaser: Batman and the Atom end up fighting Bug-Eyed Bandit and leave behind the unexpected help of Aquaman.

Might Plan: Batwoman comes out of retirement when she sees an break for give tit for tat against the Riddler for humiliating her ten years ago during his

grapple with Batman and Robin in which he unmasked her. In mandate to get slyly at him, she hires the witch Felix Faust to swap her heart with Batman's

heart following his fights with Spinner and
Tiger Shark. Batman brings Nightwing and Batgirl to help out.[11]

21 «The Bane of the Prototypes!» Michael Goguen Dean Stephan November 5, 2010 (2010-11-05) (USA) 221

Teaser: Batman travels slyly to Community War II and fights alongside Sgt. Stagger and the G.I. Android.[14]
Might Plan: When Batman is on shout, Gotham is kept conservative by his troop of trusty Bat-Robots, but when Jet-Black Semblance reprograms the unstoppable soldiers to do

his direction, Batman must shock the dust off his bumbling beta-prove android «Proto» to help him termination him.[15]

22 «Cry Range Fighters!» Ben Jones Thomas Pugsley November 12, 2010 (2010-11-12) (USA) 222[13] 222

Teaser: Stargirl teams up with the Dejected Beetle to grapple Mantis.[16]
Might Plan:

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