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This is a unfledged rip of all the episodes at acute AVI importance, entire with English subtitles. I have also released the to the utmost 2 DVD set (with LOTS of extras!) so teachers an moms can move it on the DVD actor for their kids. That rush is here:


Schoolhouse Overwhelm! is an American series of passionate mellifluous pedagogical sharp films that aired during the Saturday morning children«s programming on the U.S. video receiver network ABC. The topics covered included grammar, principles, economics, life, mathematics, and civics. The series» case run lasted from 1973 to 1985, and was later revived with both old and new episodes airing from 1993 to 1999. Additional episodes were produced as recently as 2009 for instruct-to-video set free.

Origins and history

Schoolhouse Overwhelm! began as a commercial advertising bet by David McCall. The fantasy came to McCall when he noticed one of his sons, who was having in hot water in coterie remembering the multiplication tables, knew the lyrics to many around overwhelm songs. The first ado recorded was «Three Is a Wizardry Number», written by Bob Dorough. It tested well, so a children's gramophone record was compiled and released. Tom Yohe listened to the first ado, and began to doodle pictures to go with the lyrics. He told McCall that the songs would create trustworthy vitality.

When a copy workbook rendering level through, McCall«s performers definite to compose their own passionate versions of the songs, which they then sold to ABC (which already was McCall»s company«s biggest advertising account) based on a demo vitality of the case «Three Is A Wizardry Number» for its Saturday morning lineup. They coordinated their fantasy to Michael Eisner, then deficiency-president of ABC»s children's programming disagreement. Eisner brought longtime Warner Bros. cartoonist/director Chuck Jones to the get-together to also mind to the presentation.

The network«s children»s programming disagreement had producers of its well-ordered 30- and 60-two shakes of a lamb«s tail log programs cut three minutes out of each of their shows, and sold Non-Specific Foods on the fantasy of sponsoring the segments. The series stayed on the air for 12 years. Later sponsors of the Schoolhouse Overwhelm! segments included Nabisco, Non-Specific Foods, Kenner Toys, Kellogg»s, and McDonald's.

Thirty-seven episodes were recorded and produced between 1972 and 1980. The first edible of Schoolhouse Overwhelm, «Multiplication Overwhelm,» discussed all of the multiplication tables from two through twelve, with one part constant to powers of ten instead of multiples of ten. «Multiplication Rock» debuted all of its episodes in 1973. It was followed in sharp make by «Grammar Overwhelm,» which discussed the key elements of grammar, one for each ado (e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives). «Grammar Rock» ran new episodes from 1973 to 1975. In 1975 and 1976, to synchronize with the upcoming Opinion States bicentennial, a series of «America Rock» episodes aired, covering consequential moments in American life and the form of the Opinion States command. «Science Rock» followed in 1978 and 1979, and included a titillating register of principles-mutual topics (most were mutual to sympathetic anatomy, but the lie-down ranged greatly from intensity to the solar modus operandi).

A check up on-up series, «Computer Overwhelm,» debuted in the first 1980s. These were four segments about the then-novel deprecating computer technology. The shorts featured two characters by the name of Scooter Computer and Mister Chips; these were the only episodes in the series to memorable part any recurring characters. The «Computer Rock» series was never rerun after 1984, as its depiction of deprecating computers had shortly become dated.

After in leaving the airwaves in 1985, Schoolhouse Overwhelm returned in the 1990s. The crew reunited to compose two more Grammar Overwhelm segments («Busy Prepositions» and «The History of Mr. Morton») in 1993. It was followed by a trade mark new series, «Money Overwhelm,» which discussed topics mutual to wampum command on both the deprecating and governmental ascend. «Money Rock» aired in rotation with the lie-down of the case Schoolhouse Overwhelm segments, rotating in new episodes from 1994 to 1996. The ostentation ceased airing on video receiver in 2000, and prospective new episodes would be released soon to DVD and VHS.

In 2002, the crew once again reunited to compose a new ado, «I'm Gonna Send Your Plebiscite To College» for the set free of the 30th Anniversary DVD. For the new ado, Tom Yohe Jr. took over as priority artist for his sire Yohe Sr., who had died in 2000.[1] Another of the time ado, called «Presidential Minute», which explained the method of electing the President of the Opinion States in greater item by item, was included on the 2008 DVD «Schoolhouse Overwhelm! Poll Collection», which centered on songs relating to American life and command.

SHR — America Overwhelm — Elbow Compartment
SHR — America Overwhelm — Fireworks
SHR — America Overwhelm — I'm Gonna Send Your Plebiscite to College
SHR — America Overwhelm — I'm Just a Tabulation
SHR — America Overwhelm — Indulge Destitution
SHR — America Overwhelm — No More Kings
SHR — America Overwhelm — Sufferin' Til Sufferage
SHR — America Overwhelm — The Bad American Melting Pot
SHR — America Overwhelm — The Proem
SHR — America Overwhelm — The Motivation Heard All Over the World
SHR — America Overwhelm — Three Faction Command

SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — A Noun Is A Individual, Quarter Or Thing
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — Elaborate Prepositions
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — Interjections!
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — Verb — That's What Happening
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — Conjunction Union
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs here
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — The History of Mr. Morton
SHR — Grammar Overwhelm — Unpack Your Adjectives

SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — $7.50 Once a Week
SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — Dollars and Sagacity
SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — Tax Man Max
SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — The Check's In The Send
SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — This For That
SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — Tyrannosaurus Accountability
SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — Walkin' On Insane Road
SHR — Wampum Overwhelm — Where The Wampum Goes

SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — Rudimentary, My Beloved (enumerate 2)
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — Dig Eight
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — I Got Six
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — Little Twelvetoes
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — Fortunate Seven Sampson
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — My Man Of The Hour, Zero
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — Refractory Enumerate Nine
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — Subject To or Not, Here I Come (enumerate 5)
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — The Four-Legged Zoo
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — The Trustworthy Eleven
SHR — Multiplication Overwhelm — Three Is a Wizardry Number

SHR — Principles Overwhelm — A Fool of Dignity (The Tokens)
SHR — Principles Overwhelm — Do the Spreading
SHR — Principles Overwhelm — Intensity Ardour
SHR — Principles Overwhelm — Interplanet Janet
SHR — Principles Overwhelm — Telegraph Lineage
SHR — Principles Overwhelm — The Cadaver Apparatus
SHR — Principles Overwhelm — The Verve Blues
SHR — Principles Overwhelm — Them Not-So-Dry Bones

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