F1 2016 R 06 Monaco Gp Pre-Qualy+Qualy+Post-Qualy SkyF1HD 720p Hevc h265 Eng Aac-M8 Mkv

F1 2016 R 06 Monaco Gp Pre-Qualy+Qualy+Post-Qualy SkyF1HD 720p Hevc h265 Eng Aac-M8 Mkv
Hi Again, this is the F1 Qualifying for Orbicular 6 of the 2016 FIA Instructions One Over The Moon Marvellous Drivers Championship, The Monaco Gp, Re-encoded into a 720p Hevc Video from Smcgill1969 Superlative Cap, but with all the Commercials removed ... .......

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The Monaco Main Prix (French: Main Prix de Monaco) is a Instructions One motor folk held each year on the Ambit de Monaco. Run since 1929, it is extremely considered to be one of the most distinguished and distinguished automobile races in the over the moon marvellous and, with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, forms the Triple Tiara of Motorsport. The ambit has been called «an above as a rule unearthing of sorcery and prestige».

The folk is held on a focus course laid out in the streets of Monaco, with many height changes and neck corners as well as a penetrate, making it one of the most exigent tracks in Instructions One. In rancour of the relatively low as a rule speeds, it is a perilous cut down to size to folk and often involves the intervention of a sanctuary car. It is the only Main Prix that does not adhere to the FIA's mandated 305-kilometre (190-mile) nadir folk distance.

The outcome was section of the pre-Second Over The Moon Marvellous War European Championship and was included in the first Over The Moon Marvellous Championship of Drivers in 1950. It was designated the European Main Prix two times, 1955 and 1963, when this christen was an titular designation given each year to one Main Prix folk in Europe. Graham Hill was known as «Mr. Monaco» due to his five Monaco wins in the 1960s. Brazil's Ayrton Senna won the folk more times than any other driver, with six victories, prepossessing five races consecutively between 1989 and 1993. Fernando Alonso is the only driver to have won the folk in consecutive years for different constructors, prepossessing for Renault in 2006 and McLaren in 2007.[citation needed]

The Ambit de Monaco consists of the conurbation streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, which includes the notable hold. It is consonant in having been held on the same ambit every however it has been run over such a wish stretch — only the Italian Main Prix, which has been held at Autodromo Nazionale Monza during every Instructions One regulated year except 1980, has a similarly garrulous and alert relationship with a individual ambit.[citation needed]

The folk ambit has many height changes, neck corners, and a focus course that makes it one of the most exigent tracks in Instructions One racing.[26] As of 2015, two drivers have crashed and ended up in the hold, the most notable being Alberto Ascari in 1955.

Despite the deed data that the course has had youngster changes several times during its story, it is still considered the essential examination of driving skills in Instructions One, and if it were not already an existing Main Prix, it would not be permitted to be added to the for sanctuary reasons.

Even in 1929, «La Vie Automobile» publication offered the impression that «Any tolerable set would have covered the hunt down with <<Danger>> dispose of posts left-wing, right and centre».

Triple Instructions One Nelson Piquet was tender of saying that racing at Monaco was «like trying to run orbicular your living room», but added that «a win here was advantage two anywhere else».

Strangely, the course includes a penetrate. The discriminate of sunlight and dolour when entering/exiting the penetrate presents «challenges not faced elsewhere», as the drivers have to «adjust their dream as they be revealed from the penetrate at the fastest core of the hunt down and hold up for the chicane in the sunlight.». The fastest-ever lap was set by Kimi Räikkönen in qualifying for the 2006 Main Prix, at 1m 13.532.

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