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Capacity Games: Age 2

Fitness-Medical Documentary hosted by Jason Silva, published by Citizen Geographic in 2013 - English narration


Capacity Games: Age 2
Get punctual, because age two of Capacity Games is about to tornado your belief. Throw One«s Lot In With compere Jason Silva and see also deceit master Apollo Robbins as they stop neuroscientists on the venomous bound of capacity analysis, revealing all that we know-and all we have yet to learn- about what»s really going on in quod our brains. Twelve episodes are brim-full with interactive games and try-at-about experiments that will dumbfound and occupy you, while consummately messing with your belief.

7) Use It or Be Deprived Of It
All the latest analysis says that your capacity needs drill to stop youthful and fit. Wonder junkie Jason Silva and see also deceit master Apollo Robbins are going to put your capacity to the exam with a serious workout.

8) Perjurer Liar
Compere Jason Silva and see also deceit master Apollo Robbins interfere down why we lie and what happens in the capacity, even though realm tells us that the accuracy is physiologically and neurologically easier.

9) Error Combining
Capacity Games reveals how optical illusions are a smashing way of showing the strong mechanisms at exertion that allow your capacity to feel three dimensions.

10) Clash of the Sexes
From the second you«re born, you»re a unexcelled particular. You«ll down choices about your friends, your trade, your relationships, where you continue, and how you clothes. But one fixation you don»t get to prefer is whether you were born a man or a abigail — and that snap of the genetic stamp will rival a enormous r in determining how you think about... well, almost everything. In this matter, we view out once and for all which gender's dark effort is wired better... for doing what.

11) What You Dont Know
Capacity Games reveals how the «illusion of knowledge» plagues the sympathetic capacity and why we accept diminish gull to the thought that we hear tell more than we actually do.

12) Seeing is Believing
Seeing is believing, right? Not perforce. It all depends on your outlook. In this matter of Capacity Games, belief-bending illusions will indicate you the ways in which your visual perceptions can be surprisingly off. Superintend as your capacity turns pleasant people into intimidating monsters, and reduces giants to miniatures.


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