Way 1 - 2014 FIA F1 - Available Reviewing - MKV - [[OptimusPr1me]]

Way 1 — 2014 FIA F1 - Available Reviewing — MKV — [[OptimusPr1me]]
Ferrari Drivers and Caduceus showing their bolster for Jules Bianchi after his melancholy mischance at Suzuka

The 2014 Pattern One edible was the 65th edible of the Pattern One Age Championship, a motor racing championship for Pattern One cars recognised by the sport«s governing hull, the Union Internationale de l»Automobile (FIA), as the highest savoir faire of struggle for unlocked-veer racing cars. The edible started in Australia on 16 Parade and concluded in Abu Dhabi on 23 November. In the nineteen Grands Prix of the edible a unqualified of eleven teams and twenty-four drivers competed for the Age Drivers« and Age Constructors» Championships.

In 2014, the championship saw the introduction of a revised machine pattern, in which the 2.4 litre V8 machine configuration—previously used between 2006 and 2013—was replaced with a new pattern specifying a 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 machine that incorporated an spirit recouping technique into its figure. The 2014 slate featured well-to-do revisions from the 2013 season; the Russian Outstanding Prix was held for the first era in a century at the Sochi Autodrom in Sochi, and the Austrian Outstanding Prix was revived, with the kin held at the Red Bull Cestos in Spielberg. The Indian Outstanding Prix was put on hiatus, whilst the Korean Outstanding Prix was removed from the list entirely.

Sebastian Vettel started the edible as defending Age Drivers« Hero having secured his fourth consecutive drivers» label last edible at the 2013 Indian Outstanding Prix. His collaborate, Infiniti Red Bull Racing also started the edible as defending Age Constructors« Hero having secured their fourth consecutive constructors» label last edible at the same outstanding prix as their supremacy driver secured his label.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won his second Age Drivers« Championship with 384 points and 11 victories having at one time won his first drivers» label in 2008, in face of his collaborate-couple, Nico Rosberg with 317 points, 5 victories, who won the inaugural FIA At Opposite Extremes Reminder. Mercedes secured their first Age Constructors' Championship in Russia, and finished the edible with 701 points, 296 points in face of Red Bull Racing.

Way 1 — 2014 FIA F1 - Available Reviewing — MKV — [[OptimusPr1me]]

*** Mixed Parameters ***
— Name: 2014 FIA Proper Edible Review.mkv
— Container: Matroska
— Origin Tryst: 2015-02-10 1:58:25 am
— Appraise: 3.157 GB
— Duration: 04:15:35.893000000
— Bitrate: 1 646 Kbps

*** Video Tail Find Parameters ***
— Make-Up: H.264/MPEG — 4 AVC
— FourCC: H264
— Tail Find platoon(s): 0
— Bitrate: Max.: ---
Commonplace: ---
Min.: ---
— Configuration savoir faire (fps): Max.: ---
Commonplace: 29.970
Min.: ---
— Encoding biography: High@L4.0
— Broadness (Pixel platoon): 1280
— Culmination (Pixel platoon): 720
— Demonstration Element Relationship: 16:9
— Chroma subsampling make-up: YUV 4:2:0
— Interlacing: Progressive
— Encoding library: x264 heart 142 r2479 dd79a61
— Additional Parameters: CABAC: Yes
Testimonial Frames: 8

*** Audio Tail Find(s) Parameters ***
*** Audio Tail Find #1***
— Make-Up: AAC — MPEG — 4 audio
— FourCC: aac
— Savoir Faire: 48.0 KHz / 24.0 KHz
— Flute(s): 5:1 — 6 channels
— Eminence: Face: L C R, Side: L R, LFE

*** Divers ***
— Subtitle(s): No Subtitle

*** Compatibility ***
— QT Compatibility — Summarization: Yes with inauguration of component(s)
— QT Compatibility — Container: Perian Component
— QT Compatibility — Video : Yes
— QT Compatibility — Audio : Yes
MPlayer OSX Extended
— QuicktTime Component(s) — Eminence: Perian Component — No installed
— iPod 5G compatibility: No
— iPod Classic/Nano compatibility: No
— iPhone/iPod Have A Bearing On compatibility: No
— iPhone 3GS/iPod Have A Bearing On 3G compatibility: No
— iPhone 4/iPod Have A Bearing On 4G compatibility: No
— AppleTV 1-2/iPad 1-2 compatibility: No
— iPhone 4S — 5/iPod Have A Bearing On 5G compatibility: No
— AppleTV 3/iPad 3-4-Mini compatibility: No

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