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Instance aired: 2008.01.09

"THE JEWISH AMERICANS is a three-vespers all the continually documentary that explores 350 years of Jewish American narration. Written and directed by assign-alluring filmmaker David Grubin, THE JEWISH AMERICANS is a travel through continually, from the first setting in 1654 to the bonus. It is about the effort of a delicate minority who cause their way into the American mainstream while, at the same continually, maintaining a intuition of their own congruence as Jews. Focusing on the upset between congruence and assimilation, THE JEWISH AMERICANS is quintessentially an American tall tale, which other minority groups will become aware of surprisingly knowledgeable about. Narrated by actor Liev Schreiber, this momentous series features Jewish Americans who have made consequential contributions to American way of life – from Louis D. Brandeis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Henry Morgenthau, Hank Greenberg, Betty Friedan, Molly Goldberg, Carl Reiner, Sid Caesar, and Tony Kushner. However this tall tale is also about Jewish American tailors and shopkeepers, soldiers and bankers, peddlers and merchants, labor organizers and civilian rights activists, all of whom also helped cut the American landscape.

Neighbourhood 1: They Came to Stay/A In Every Way of Their Own

This program examines the beginnings of Jews in America. In the 1700s, a parsimonious copy of Jews came to America, struggling to regard unshakably to their certainty and estate while becoming neighbourhood of the emerging political entity. Though they fought in the American Mutiny, they were at best tolerated, at worst shunned — becoming fit out scapegoats in times of emergency. Even after the US Constitution guaranteed unrestraint of creed, states had the power to obstruct Jews from voting, and their prominence remained uneasy."

more info: http://www.pbs.org/jewishamericans/


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