F1 Legends - Niki Lauda - 1080p - SDTV Transcode - [[OptimusPr1me]]

F1 Legends — Niki Lauda — 1080p — SDTV Transcode — [[OptimusPr1me]]

He bought his way into Mo One racing and very nearly paid for it with his duration. Given up for unresponsive after an appalling casualty he recovered by what the medical employment called bluff troops of will. His astonishingly timely put in an appearance again to the cockpit was called the most bold comeback in sporting description. After alluring two championships he got bored and formerly larboard the fun, only to put in an appearance again again and win another. During his wonderful job he was called both a star and a villain. The conflict-scarred protagonist who defied both the odds and gathering remains a living legend.

On February 22, 1949, Nicholas Andreas Lauda was born in Vienna into a respected Austrian area and banking line. Identification B Docket manufacturing was how Niki«s paterfamilias made his worth, though none of it would be made available for a son who would unswervingly accomplish the respected Lauda name into disrepute by playing at being a racing driver. To further ready himself in this lawn Niki forsook university and enrolled himself in racing»s shape of badly knocks, paying for it with specie borrowed from Austrian banks. Starting in a Mini in 1968, he crashed his way through Mo Vee and Mo Three and in 1972 he bought his way into the Step Mo Two and Mo One teams with another bank credit secured by his duration guarantee action. The uncompetitive Marches meant Niki was unqualified to validate his benefit as a driver, let alone stave off up in the air bankruptcy. With no qualifications in any other slash of labour he had no election but to keep on racing.

F1 Legends — Niki Lauda — 1080p — SDTV Transcode — [[OptimusPr1me]]

For 1973 he talked his way into a labyrinthine hire out-a-tour act with BRM. During that time his ever-improving results paid dividends in the contour of a new undertake that would butter up a see allowances for his debts in reciprocate for Niki staying with BRM for a further two years. Instead, he bought his way out of BRM with specie from his new proprietor Enzo Ferrari, for whom he went to labour in 1974.

Ferrari, who hadn«t had a protagonist since John Surtees in 1964, was impressed by the wasted, buck-toothed Austrian»s self-reliance and no-claptrap labour ethic, though rather taken aback by his pitiless trustworthiness. After his first study in the 1974 Ferrari 312 Niki aware of Enzo that the car was «a chunk of shit,» but promised him he could butter up a see it raceworthy. Now in the stress as a possible Ferrari knight in shining armour, the media respected Lauda«s unexcited, crafty clinical attitude and nicknamed him »The Computer.« However, The Computer»s driving still had some glitches and he made several costly errors in 1974. Niki said that scholarship from mistakes was the fastest way to repair, corroborating this theory with a first Mo One triumph in Spain, then another in Holland.

F1 Legends — Niki Lauda — 1080p — SDTV Transcode — [[OptimusPr1me]]

In his 1975 Ferrari 312/T Niki stormed to victories in Monaco, Belgium, Sweden, France and the USA to become Coterie Protagonist. All of Italy rejoiced at Ferrari's first driving epithet in over a decade, though the reverence meant little to the unsentimental new star. Claiming that his mounting gleaning of «useless» trophies was cluttering up his familiar with in Austria, he gave them to the state garage in reciprocate for openly car washes.

By mid-summer 1976 he had won five races and seemed a shoo-in to reiterate as protagonist. Then came the German Enormous Prix at the desperately hazardous Nurburgring. On the second lap Lauda's Ferrari inexplicably crashed and shatter into flames. Four stalwart drivers and a marshal plunged into the violent inferno and hauled out the smouldering firmness. In health centre, with first to third estate burns on his the man and wrists, several infringed bones and lungs scorched from inhaling toxic fumes, Niki Lauda was given up for unresponsive and administered the last rites by a priest.

Six weeks later, with blood seeping from the bandages on his the man, he finished fourth in the Italian Enormous Prix. Astonished doctors said he had recovered by bluff troops of will. Jackie Stewart said it was the most bold comeback in the description of fun. Niki said the disadvantage of half an ear made it easier to use the get someone on the blower. In rumination of those who bring about his facial disfigurement unprepossessing he thereafter wore a red baseball cap, hiring it out to a angel for a bulky fee.

The 1976 championship ended in a moment of truth between Niki and McLaren«s James Hound at Japan»s Fuji pale in profuse dogs. Niki unswerving it was too hazardous to hop to it and pulled out, handing the epithet to his room-mate Hound, who said Niki«s withdrawal was an act of heroism. In Italy some called him a scaramouch. Even Enzo Ferrari had doubts and made plans to renew him, a response that angered Niki and made his alluring the 1977 driving epithet a contour of their comeuppance. Having clinched the championship with two races unused, Niki unswerving to lacuna them and told Ferrari he was leaving. Enzo called him a fifth-columnist for stirring to Bernie Ecclestone»s Brabham band.

In his 1978 time with Brabham Niki won twice and finished fourth in the championship. The next year, in an uncompetitive car, he had scored only four points one-time to the penultimate hop to it, in Canada. There, after the first vocation seating, he walked away from Mo One racing, saying he was «tired of driving around in circles» and would now start his own airline.

F1 Legends — Niki Lauda — 1080p — SDTV Transcode — [[OptimusPr1me]]

Lauda Air, with its publican serving as one of the pilots, grew to the mention that further repair would coerce more top-hole, in shadowing of which Niki returned to his earlier employment. In 1982 he signed with McLaren for a reported US$5 million, the most lucrative undertake in Mo One description. In his negotiations Niki told the McLaren specie men he was only charging one dollar for his services as a driver — all the take to one's bed was for his nature. In 1984 he won his third driving epithet, albeit by the slimmest of margins from his glorious youthful McLaren band copulate Alain Prost. Niki won a last Enormous Prix in 1985 then retired from the fun for skilful as a driver, though he never really formerly larboard the paddock.

F1 Legends — Niki Lauda — 1080p — SDTV Transcode — [[OptimusPr1me]]

He worked as an counsel for Ferrari, served as a Jaguar band proprietor and became a small screen commentator — a r for which he was uniquely adept to make insights into the highs and lows of the fun he was timely to reachable and glorious enough to conquer.

One-Time to the 2013 time Niki Lauda added yet more titles to his huge gleaning when he became Non-Proprietor Chairman of the Mercedes F1 band, directorship fellow of Mercedes AMG Powertrains and staunch counsel to the Directorship of Daimler AG.

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