Truly West (TV) [2002] Bruce Willis

Staunch West (TV 2002)

Staunch West is a leeway by American dramatist Sam Shepard. Like most of his works it is inspired by myths of American time and everyday lifestyle. The leeway is a more household revelation than most of the plays that Shepard has written.

Bruce Willis ... Lee
Chad Smith ... Austin
Andrew Alburger ... Saul Kimmer
Danielle Kennedy ... Mom

Staunch West is about the sibling dispute between two disassociated brothers who have reconnected. Austin, the younger associate, is a Hollywood screenwriter script a screenplay while billet sitting for his pamper, who is vacationing in Alaska. His older associate, Lee, appears at the billet after the two have not seen each other for years. Lee is a hobo and trickster and has been living in the run. The two are not on things terms, but Austin attempts to appease his older associate, who is more dominant.

Sometimes its hardened to memorialize that Bruce Willis is a terrific, nuanced actor when the facts calls for it. Underworld cope some big Hollywood clunker like Harts War, and almost destroy the respect of his casuistry in serious films like Nobodys Fall Guy or even hits like The Sixth Sense.

His inviting discharge in Staunch West, Showtimes taped type of a podium output, is a memories of how rare it is for one actor to relate stardom with depth.

Behind the scenes, this output is also a fish story of staunch clique. Mr. Willis directed and acted in the leeway in Hailey, Idaho, with Comrades of Fools, a theater troop founded by an old college pal. When Mr. Willis saw the troop in its former native in Virginia several years ago, he invited it to motion to Hailey, where he lives join in of the everything. He even refurbished a theater for it. And when his associate Robert Willis died of cancer during the run of Staunch West, he absolute to ribbon this discharge as a tariff to him.

Willis «True West» -- starring Willis as the scruffy apostate Lee, who hijacks his unclutter-cut associate Austins screenplay attend to -- was staged at the Licence Amphitheatre in Hailey, Idaho, a negligible city just south of Sun Valley, where Willis lives. The leeway was directed by Willis and produced by Comrades of Fools, a Hailey theater comrades Willis co-founded in 1997. The Showtime present was videotaped at a lively discharge by Cheyenne Enterprises (a mist and TV output comrades co-owned by Willis) and directed for TV by Gary Halvorson.

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