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A Commerce through India

Voyage Documentary hosted by Caroline Quentin, published by ITV in 2011 - English narration


Caroline Quentin: A Commerce through India
Caroline Quentin will take viewers on an epic go abroad through India for a trade name new ITV1 series. Produced by Tiger Faint, the 3x60 documentary Caroline Quentin: A Commerce through India will lay down a heavily exclusive percipience into one of the world's most outstanding and separate countries though the eyes of one of our best loved stars.

Starting in the far north, and working her way over 3500 miles to its southernmost tip, Caroline's eye-vernissage undertaking aims to determine the the money spectrum of new-fashioned Indian soul as well as dare preconceptions, including her own, of the subcontinent. And to do that Caroline will drop headlong into Indian costly society at every sincere: from Maharajas to mahouts, staying with neighbourhood families en route.

Caroline will participation India's outstanding contrasts, from extraverted, breathtaking landscapes such as Kanha Subject Greensward to thickheaded, clammy metropolises including Kolcutta and Mumbai, which encompass the extremes of property and often mad scarceness in shut down nearness. Charming in everything from bygone treasures to the costly tech modernity of this self-styled 21st century Tiger phase, the prorate increase of her go abroad is enormous. With Caroline at the leadership the series will tell a sensitive testimony as she connects with the lives of the humdrum Indians she meets along the way in hierarchy to research what — in this territory of unrealistic, often unmeet departure — new-fashioned India really is and what its days holds.

1) Happening 1
The actress immerses herself in Indian soul as she travels the sub-continent from north to south. She begins in the helter-skelter diocese of Varanasi, charming a motor boat heckle on the River Ganges and attending an evening function in which thousands of people faint lamps and implore to the river. After communicable a sleeper attendants to Jodhpur, Caroline gets the accidental to see the Taj Mahal in Agra, before visiting an infertility clinic in the negligible Gujarat borough of Anand, where couples from other countries price Indian women to take their children

2) Happening 2
The actress travels by camel to the «Golden City» of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where she meets Princes Shakti and Vikram Singh and hears about the record of the fort in which many of the natives still finish. Caroline then returns to Gurjarat to turn to an Indian anniversary at Ahmedabad, before ending the second leg of her go abroad in the cosmopolitan diocese of Mumbai. Here, she learns more about the dawdle dogs that dawdle the streets, receives vogue tips from a Bollywood actress and watches a pageant of gymnastics

3) Happening 3
The actress travels through Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu to the sub-continent«s southern tip, visiting the »City of Palaces' Mysore, where she receives a guided circuit by a zigzag guru. Caroline ventures into the Malnad section to trail down a healer who claims he can salt cancers, before serving to bathe elephants in the Keralan backwaters. Her go abroad ends with a dip in the heavenly waters of Kanyakumari, where the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Tons and the Arabian Sea meet


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