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Grey's Anatomy
Genre: Comedy, Dramaturgy, Romance
Year: 2013
Sticks: USA
Runtime: 42 min
Regisseur: Shonda Rhimes
Throw: Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Patrick Dempsey and others

.: Plan :.

Working eighty-hour weeks in the lecherous-paced medical in every respect makes it uncompassionate to out a bona fide spark of life, but Meredith Cloudy sure is trying.

Meredith«s (Ellen Pompeo), along with interns Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O»Malley and Alex Karev's, medical in every respect revolved around textbooks and professors yesterday, but today they are experiencing medicament first-turn over submit as surgical interns at Seattle Leniency Polyclinic, a teaching polyclinic with one of the toughest residency programs in the realm. Here, they must learn to preponderance their slighting lives with their enthusiastically competitive able lives, all while dealing with the weight of spark of life and termination situations.

Each of the interns has a in perfect accord star, which, at times, fight as they toil to exertion and burning along side one another. Meredith is following the same m procedure as her nourisher, Ellis Grey«s, a enthusiastically triumphant and distinguished surgeon, all while dealing with her mother»s advanced Alzheimer«s affliction and coping with her less than true babyhood. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) was born and raised in a negligible metropolis, and was able to get the better her depleted surroundings by putting herself through medical coach by way of a triumphant modeling m. Despite being able to facsimile no more than-there clothes, Izzie remains very self-wilful in everything she does. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), the most competitive of the interns, strives to be the best at everything she does. She graduated at the top of her rank from an Ivy Band University, and reminds those around her of it constantly. George O»Malley (T. R. Knight) is the in keeping «boy next door» order who, despite the best of intentions, always manages to say the unbecoming item at the unbecoming at the same time. In wound of his concentrated presentation to one of the interns, George is treated like «one of the girls», much to his chagrin. And Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) hides his smutty collar roots with a munificent ego and lofty star that the other interns dear one to hate.

Primary the interns are three enthusiastically skilled and celebrated surgeons, unwavering in their tailing to feather the interns into the best surgeons that they can god willing be. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), correctly nicknamed «the Nazi», is the elder citizen overseeing the five interns and is continuous when it comes to their training. Derek Convoy (Patrick Dempsey), nicknamed «McDreamy» by the female interns, is a eye-catching sense surgeon who has had an presentation to Meredith from day one, but his tailing of Meredith became more complex with the immigrant of his old lady, Dr. Addison Convoy (Kate Walsh). Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) has an conceit correspond to to Alex«s, but his surgical cream remains second to none. And supervising each of them is Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.), Seattle Grace»s chief of surgery. Seattle Leniency has also efficient the totalling of two fabulous doctors to their pole, Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Dr. Splodge Sloan (Eric Dane), each wasting no at the same time in getting tangled up in the complex relationships of the pole.

Now entering their first year as residents, Meredith Cloudy, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev must appeal everything they«ve expert during their internship and mentor their own interns, including Lexie Cloudy (Chyler Leigh), Meredith»s half-sister, and George, who failed his exams.

Through their struggles, both in and out surgery, Grey's Anatomy shows the struggles that doctors puss as they try to view preponderance in the willy-willy lives that they out. But the struggles rush at them stronger, and the ups and downs school in each one of them that medicament isn’t always evil and immaculate, right or unbecoming. Sometimes spark of life comes in shades of gray.

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