Big Pal US S15E14 PDTV x264 2HD

Big Relation US
Master : Julie Chen
Outfit Guests : Aaryn Gries, Amanda Zuckerman, Andy Herren, Candice Stewart, David Girton, Elissa Slater, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Helen Kim, Howard Overby, Jeremy McGuire, Jessie Kowalski, Judd Daugherty, Kaitlin Barnaby, McCrae Olson, Scratch Uhas, Spencer Clawson.

Motherland : USA
Year : 2013
Runtime : 60 min.

Fashion : Reality

.: Design :.

Big Relation 15 is the fifteenth ready of the American fact telly series Big Relation. The ready premiered on CBS on June 26, 2013 and will conclude on September 18, 2013. It has been billed as the longest ready to rendezvous, and is set to last for a sum up of 90 days. This ready is also set to peculiarity sixteen HouseGuests, tying it for the most HouseGuests to joust in a set aside ready. To the preceding two seasons, all of the competing HouseGuests are new to the series. The put of the series remained mainly unchanged from preceding editions of the series, in which a squad of contestants, known as «HouseGuests,» joust to win the series by voting each other off and being the last HouseGuest left over. Each week, one HouseGuest, known as the Headmaster of Household, must offer two of their boyfriend HouseGuests for disseisin. The champ of the Power of Proscribe can off one of the nominees from the exclude, forcing the HoH to offer another HouseGuest. The HouseGuests then sponsor to eject one of the nominees, and the HouseGuest with the most votes is evicted. When only two HouseGuests remained, the last seven evicted HouseGuests, known as the Jury of Seven, would select which of them would win the $500,000 excellent. A HouseGuest can be expelled from the be conspicuous for breaking rules.

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