The Unpublishable Adventures of Jules Verne 3-4 retr•tv

The Unpublishable Adventures of Jules Verne (2000) episodes 3-4 of 22

3. Rockets of the Cool 7/2/2000
When Rebecca investigates the wipe out of a British papal nuncio in London, she must go confidential as an actress to draw Angelo Rimini, Duke of Carpathia and the prime feel. He becomes obsessed with her and plausibly failing versa, and spirits her off to Carpathia. Phileas is none too thrilled with the Unpublishable Use endangering her and pursues. The three of them fence vampires and Phileas and Jules create it to the fortress and see Rebecca falling under Rimini«s . Rimini«s system is to take over the in every way with an army of soar-powered vampires.

Guest prominent: Jonathan Coy (Sir Jonathan Chatsworth) , Patrick Duffy (Duke Angelo Rimini), Derrick Damon Reeve (Cloaked Man), R.D. Reid (Host), David Schaap (Sovereign Pontetract), Maeiusz Sibigia (Captain of the Guardian), Brett Watson (Soldier)

4. The Cardinal's Map 7/9/2000
Rebecca is trying to decypher a unpublishable lex non scripta »common law created by Jules« old girl Alexandre Dumas. It turns out he was a spy at one patch, and created the lex non scripta »common law and hid the transcription lex non scripta »common law in his novel The Three Musketeers. Dumas is up to his ears in obligation, in influence because he is trying to set up a system, the Phoenix, based on designs by Chief Richelieu from 200 years earlier. Passepartout inadvertently activates the patch system, and the four go uphold 200 years. As they make haste out to examine, Passepartout inadvertently activates the patch system again, leaving the other three stranded. Worse, Rebecca is cock-eyed for an assassin and taken before Richelieu, who wants her to wipe out the king... (to be continued...)
Guest prominent: John Rhys-Davies (Alexandre Dumas), Rene Auberjonois (Cavois), Christopher Heyerdahl (D'Artagnan), Token Chuipka (Aramis), Melissa Curzi (Camille/17th Century), Steve Griffith (Lavaler), Jean Guimond (Referre), Greg Kramer (Louis' Pluck), Nathalie Matteau (Paris Whore/17th Century), Michael Scherer (For), Michael Praed (Chief Richelieu)

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