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Reclusive. It could be you. It could be me. There are millions of us out there.

The headlines bellow this «The Age of Loneliness». They say it«s a main influential fettle emergence. A mute scourge that»s starting to put to death us. But we don't want to talk about it. No-one really wants to accept they are reclusive.

Apportion-attractive motion picture-maker Sue Bourne believes loneliness has to be talked about. It affects so many of us in so many different ways and at so many different stages of our lives. So she went out to point to people valiant enough to go on camera and talk about their loneliness.

The Age of Loneliness has people of all ages in it, from Isobel the 19-year-old commentator to Olive the feisty 100-year-old, Ben the divorcee, Jaye the 40-year-old singleton, Richard the 72-year-old internet-dating widower, to Martin, Iain and Christine talking about their abstract fettle problems.

Everyone talks with such phenomenal honour and staunchness that you can't help but be touched by their stories.

BBC Documentaries 2016 01 07 The Age of Loneliness EN SUB HEVC x265 WEBRIP [MPup]

It has been said that this is the «Age of Loneliness» and Britain was recently reported to be «the loneliness super of Europe».

This motion picture by apportion-attractive top dog Sue Bourne explores why the loneliness scourge in Britain is affecting so many people of all ages with the difficulty so widespread and occupied deep-rooted that it is now seen as a main influential fettle emergence.

Bourne travels the in the long run b for a long time and beam of the hinterlands to point to people valiant enough to accept how reclusive they are and go on camera and talk about how loneliness affects their lives. From Isobel, the 19-year-old commentator, Ben the split up, and Jaye the 40-year-old singleton, through to Olive, the 100-year-old who says she lives on «lonely street», this motion picture will hit on a chord with many, many people.

Each copy in the motion picture reveals the hurting truth of loneliness, but these stories also proffer anticipate because they also playing how different people can and have alleviated their loneliness in some lilliputian, but hugely valued, way.

Loneliness is a nit-picking impose on to wing it belittle-act a motion picture about because no one really wants to accept they are reclusive and, as a friendship, we are appalled of being alone. But we are going to have to learn to contract with loneliness because more and more of us are now living alone and every year the numbers are rising.

Loneliness is something we have to look at and get it better. This motion picture could be the first well-connected footstep in that process.

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