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Jurassic Affray Mace Salt One

Record Documentary hosted by Eric Thomson, published by Record Course in 2009 - English narration


Record Ch Jurassic Affray Mace Salt One For over a century, historians and scientists have been piecing together a record of the antiquated era. Jurassic Affray Mace Salt One! examines the conclusive fighters of this incomparable full stop — extra-charitable beasts that stalked the mould millions of years ago. Some of these dinosaurs were larger than seven-gag buildings, and hunted their use with plan and cunning, transforming the antiquated era into a battlefield. The temperature, land, and innate nuance of the opponent's weaknesses and strengths all played a r in how each dinosaur planned his strike at. Today, paleontologists are uncovering these fighting grounds and are gaining terrifying new perception into how maneuverability, band coordination, and ripping at the exacting two seconds meant survival. Shilly-Shally A Extinguish B Explode by shilly-shally a extinguish b explode, each get around will dissect these battles, revealing a robbing era far more premeditated — and complex — than we to begin with thought.

Jurassic Affray Mace Salt One contains 12 acclaimed documentaries on 4 DVDs
DISC 1: Anthropophagite Dinosaur / Join Against Killers / T-Rex Huntress / Largesse: Additional Footage
DISC 2: Bloodiest Action / Intense Sea Killers / Huntress Becomes Hunted
DISC 3: Biggest Killers / Raptor's Last Take The Place Of / Ice Age Monsters
DISC 4: River of Finish / Raptor vs. T-Rex / Armageddon

1) Anthropophagite Dinosaur
Majungatholus vs Majungatholus
Majungatholus versus Majungatholus. Scientists uncover the first faithful box of dinosaur cannibalism. Paleontologists look intense into the cognition hollow to discharge system new perception into their behavior, then by studying the behaviors of new-fashioned animals, experts recreate a grand scheme of what occurred when a manly Majungatholus went in search of a companion, but establish a non-open female who was more interested in protecting her uninitiated, than mating.

2) Join Against Killers
Deinonychus vs Tenontosaurus
The bird-like predator Deinonychus takes on the charitable foundry-eating dinosaur called Tenontosaurus. Scientists discharge a never before seen look into how these animals moved, fought and behaved and recreate what happened when a crowd of ruthless raptors took on an antagonist more than twice their own assay.

3) T Rex Huntress
Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Nanotyrannus
Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most feared predator on mould, but to one particular dinosaur, he was use. A uncovering in Montana reveals the on the fritz and fractured bones of a infantile T-Rex, and the teeth of its attacker. Experts measuring the assay and guise of the teeth are able to recognize the attacker as Nanotyrannus. As more bones emerged, paleontologists get an unprecedented look into 65 million year old action and help reply questions about the basis of Nanotyrannus, the «Tiny Tyrant».

4) Intense Sea Killers
Megalodon vs Brygmophyseter
Megalodon, a 50 foot wish cousin of the new-fashioned Cardinal Cadaverous Shark battles Brygmophyseter, the «biting sperm whale», an prodigious being equipped with 44 teeth that equaled those of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

5) Bloodiest Action
Allosaurus vs Ceratosaurus
Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus go at each other at a antiquated watering recess that became the get around of one of the bloodiest battles in paleo- record. Scientists uncover more than 15,000 bones and stumble upon where multiple dinosaur species fought to the finish under the high-strung awaken of a Jurassic drought.

6) Huntress Becomes Hunted
Allosaurus vs Ceratosaurus
Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus phizog off. Scientists reconstruct a action that took consider between the two predators, in a affray for dominance when the huntress becomes the hunted.

7) Ice Age Monsters
Mega-Lion vs Out Of The Blue A Trim-Faced Bear
An Arctodus and American Lion affray over a liquidate made by the lion. The affray is not only for commons, but to take for a ride striving for already rare resources, due to warming milieu conditions. The Arctodus rears to menace off the lion, only to be knocked down. The lion locks its jaws on its enemy«s behind as the tolerate gets to its feet, but the Arctodus» fur and fat are too choking for the lion to cause enough impair. After shaking off the feline, the Arctodus retaliates by smashing its paw into the lion«s skull then wintry its underbelly, disabling the lion for a out of the blue a trim. The Arctodus starts to upon on the bison carcass, but the lion recovers and launches a bowl over strike at. It attempts to morsel the windpipe of the Arctodus, but the bear»s stalwart paws propound off the lion and divert it away. After a few more rounds of action, the lion lastly manages to retain its jaws on the throat. However, the Arctodus rears up before the American Lion can liquidate it and throws the lion into the Ordinary Wile Subside (in Wyoming), where it dies from the fall.

8) Raptors Last Take The Place Of
Gastonia vs Utahraptor
Gastonia, covered in armor and spikes and built like a antiquated tank, challenges the largest associate of the raptor ever discovered — Utahraptor. Using the latest in dinosaur technology and painstaking reconstructions of skeletal designs, experts are able to reconstruct the lives of these two old-fashioned rivals and recreate a confrontation featuring power, sneakiness and unpublished weapons on an old-fashioned battlefield over 120 million years ago.

9) Largest Killers
Utahraptor vs Tyrannosaurus Rex
Millions of years of progress have created some of the most scary and heinous dinosaurs ever imagined. Now, we get a firsthand look at some of the most ruthless dinosaurs. From the man-sized Utahraptor, to the extra-charitable Tyrannosaurus Rex; we'll hub on their sizes, weaponry and behaviors, at wish last revealing the one daisy who is liable for more deaths than all other predators combined.

10) River of Finish
Pachyrhinosaurus vs Albertosaurus
The crowd of Albertosaurus guardianship at the common herd of Pachyrhinosaurus. The common herd stampedes towards a raging river bed and the predators corner the use, although one breaks disengage. One of the Albertosaurus chases it into a clearing, and it attempts to liquidate the Pachyrhinosaurus, however the Pachyrhinosaurus gores the antagonist in the leg, enraging it. The Albertosaurus then bites down on to its neck and flips the herbivore over and tears at its underbelly. Behind at the river, the other Albertosaurus is investment the Pachyrhinosaurus common herd into the river. In their lose one's nerve, they inundate and the Albertosaurus finds the carcasses further down river.

11) Raptor vs T Rex
Edmontosaurus vs Dromaeosaurus
A abandoned Edmontosaurus looks for a common herd to dynamic in but instead wanders into the land of a crowd of Dromaeosaurus. The faster, smarter and ruthless carnivores strike at the plunge-billed dinosaur and succeed to introduce it down, though one or two of the crowd members are killed by the herbivore in the transform as well. Then a Tyrannosaurus rex, attracted by all the noises, comes over and steals the unemotional Edmontosaurus, leaving the Dromaeosaurus crowd with just the trail, which it bit off to assign the cadaver lighter.

12) Armaggedon
Scientists interpret the extinction of the dinosaurs
65 million years ago, a extra-charitable asteroid crashes in the littoral of Yucatan, Mexico. It leaves a extra-charitable crater and it creates a meteor barrage in the transform while it also makes a cloud of ruthless gas spreading throughout the fatherland. Most of the dinosaurs (usually including Tyrannosaurus rex, Majungasaurus, Albertosaurus, Nanotyrannus, Dromaeosaurus, Edmontosaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus) had seen the influence and they take on to run for defend, though some of them died in the series of meteors and the clouds. Soon, the dinosaurs are now dated as a Tyrannosaurus collapses to the establish, unemotional, but then, this may be the lifetime where humans and other animals repay the dinosaurs as the influential species of Mould itself.


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