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Britains Whale Hunters: The Unspeakable Story

Report Documentary hosted by Adam Nicolson, published by BBC in 2014 - English narration


Britains Whale Hunters: The Unspeakable Story
Novelist Adam Nicolson is granted rare access to the ruins of the whaling stations on the secluded British eyot of South Georgia. Astounding hardly ever-seen archive footage and first-hand in glove quickly affidavit from the last of Britain's whale hunters reveals what it was really like to have been a whale huntswoman in Antarctica, providing Europe with primary oils for soap and nourishment. Putting our new-fashioned environmental shame to one side, this tempting series looks at how and why whale populations were so drastically reduced in the 20th century, and attempts to see whaling through the eyes of the rhythm.

A few hundred years ago the oceans were domicile to millions of whales, but then we develop that they were incredibly useful for everything from lighting and the craze to soap and nourishment. Adam discovers the significant, forgotten fib of Britain as a noteworthy whaling political entity right up to the 1960s, while exploring the astonishing ruins of its largest pivot on the secluded British eyot of South Georgia.

1) The Bring Out
Adam starts his voyage on the west beach of Scotland, his preferred go on to get away to since boyhood. It«s his realisation that these waters would have once been domicile to many whales that has prompted him to discover out about whaling. He sails up the beach to Stornoway cherish, where there»s a distinct account of a household pursuit of drive whales.

He discovers how whaling was commercialised to cater to Britain«s growing cities with a ginormous lot of products: from corsetry and coverage stays to boulevard lighting. Adam travels via the Falkland Islands to the secluded and spectacular Antarctic Eyot of South Georgia. This empty British outpost very straight away became the pivot of the world»s whaling determination, with six whaling stations. The biggest, Leith Cherish, belonged to the world's largest whaling troop at the rhythm — Christian Salvesen from Edinburgh.

2) The Descent
In the mid — 1920s up to 8,000 whales a year were being processed on South Georgia to gratify Europe«s inquire for fat. The whalers relate the dangers of using industrial machinery to activity whales, and Adam explores the infirmary that treated the unlucky ones, still stocked with 1950s nostrum. Meanwhile, some scientists in Britain were posted of the portent of the determination to whale populations, and a hugely enterprising vent one»s spleen of seafaring biology — the «Discovery Investigations» — were launched. Adam visits a legacy of this program, the new passenger liner Disclosure, and learns how the ingenious attempted to figure an altercation for sustainable whaling. While exploring an lascivious whale infectious passenger liner and engaging a peeling behind the scenes at the Illegitimate Report Museum, Adam examines the tussle between the determination and branch. War-ravaged Europe was dangerous for fats, and new attempts to govern the determination proved expressly unworthy of to keep safe whale populations. It wasn't until inhabitants dynamics experts were included in the 1960s that the determination began to take power to seriously trim catches. And by then, whale stocks were in a horrible regal with some species near extinction.


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