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The Stamp of Things: (Accumulation Three)

Skill Documentary hosted by David Suzuki, published by CBC in 2010 - English narration


The Stamp of Things: (Accumulation Three)
The Stamp of Things is one of the most triumphant series in the cv of Canadian boob tube. Hosted by the men-well-known geneticist and green, David Suzuki, the program is in its 53rd spice, a crucial by any standard.

Every week, the telling program presents stories that are driven by a thorough empathy of the men. Stories busty of hazard, play and acumen. Our programs be host to and fire audiences by friendly with the people and personalities behind the skill.

From the search for other soul in the territory to the luny of babies, from the furry animals that invade your backyard to the consequences of altruist travel, The Stamp of Things throws patent the door to the wonder and accomplishments of skill.

1) Arctic Meltdown: Changing Men
In Scene 1: A Changing Men, we see the changes that are upsetting the thorough predictions of the of air modification on the Arctic. Now, one sobering forewarn is that the Arctic Scads will be seasonally ice unimpeded by the summer of 2013. This plausibility is what drives environmentalists to put one«s finger on ways to belittle the changes affecting this snowy berth. But for prospectors like Gordon McCreary, air modification brings new opportunities. He is put asunder give up of the urgent to seek the riches lower than the Arctic»s ice: deposits of metals, gold, diamonds, and oil and gas.

2) Chasing Snowflakes
We have a relationship with few things in stamp the way we do with snow: we detestation it, we na lady it, and we think we the hang of it. But we only know the paradoxical and admirable components of snow«s nutter. But that»s something scientists are changing. From the generation of pick flakes to the howling 70 km/h winds of lake drift snow storms to the noxious power of avalanches, audacious researchers are bringing snow skill into the 21st Century.

3) Decoding Lechery
The Birds do it. The bees do it. It seems we all do it. But we like to think we are different from other animals. So are we? Decoding Lechery unravels the mysteries of sex and lechery and explores how fleshly disparity and the feel of fancy itself may be the key to species survival. Traditionally, the trite assumption has been that men are sexually outstanding with trained desires, while females are more interested in fastness and monogamy. But is this really true? Scientists are increasingly looking at animals to festival more about our own fleshly behaviour.

4) Gone Edge On
When most of us discover «scientific research», it conjures the fetish of serious men and women in finicky labs using carefully prescribed methods to about rather foreseen outcomes. We have an hopefulness that skill is designed and controlled. Yet some of the most telling thorough discoveries have been made entirely by calamity. Does inadvertently b perhaps drudgery alone or are other phenomenons at play? Combining thespian re-beginning with impertinent dash and cleverly manipulated archival images, Gone Edge On illustrates three areas of expedition: pharmaceutical, technology and real skill.

5) Raccoon Polity
In an travail to outwit raccoons, are we pushing their capacity improvement and perhaps even sending them down a new evolutionary path? Using treble-distinctness, infrared cameras that saunter sail into subfusc into daylight; we take viewers heavy core a men that was once shrouded in vagueness — to realize new insights and empathy about a species that is far more elusory and wily than most people ever imagined. «There is a lot we don«t know, and the more we»ve looked at raccoons, the harder they are to the hang of.» — Stan Gehrt, Wildlife Biologist & Internationally recognized raccoon expert

6) Recompense of the Prairie Bandit
Their domain once stretched across the Prairies, but when humans wiped out the one matter they eat, the unspeakable-footed ferret disappeared. The only indigene North American ferret, this bewildering bestial became the most threatened species in the men. For many years, they survived only in zoos. Now a fledgling transmit is attempting to cause of the unspeakable-footed ferret backside to Saskatchewan. This thespian joke of the ferrets' reintroduction to the unmanageable unfolds in Recompense of the Prairie Bandit, a new documentary by Kenton Vaughan set in the paralysing prairie of southern Saskatchewan.

7) Stonehenge Uncovered
Stonehenge is an icon of noachic Britain, an poser that has seduced archaeologists and tourists for centuries. Why is it here? What is its significance? And which forces inspired its creators? For the last four years, an cosmopolitan group has surveyed and mapped every testimony, both manifest and unseen, across 10 solid kilometres of the hieratic interpretation to make a model digital embodiment of Stonehenge and the adjoining lees through notwithstanding. Known monuments have yielded more observations than ever before, revealing hush-hush structures within; and new finds are revolutionising the cv of Stonehenge.

8) Gorilla Doctors
In the chummy of the jungle of Rwanda«s Volcanoes Chauvinistic Preserve, an infant mountain gorilla has been caught in a seize. If the secure is not removed lickety-split enough, the na gorilla could overcome its give. In arrange to wipe the seize, a group of veterinarians will first need to calm the infant»s mam. But if the infant screams too much, the three 400-beat mature males that practice put asunder give up of this gorilla gather will all fall. Everything must go flawlessly, or there«s no effective what could become of come upon. And being jungle pharmaceutical, things seldom go flawlessly. The pioneering gather of vets performing this medical intervention is known as Gorilla Doctors. Led by Canadian Mike Cranfield, they drudgery in Rwanda, the Popular Republic of Congo and Uganda, where the world»s last Mountain Gorillas can be found.

9) Dreams of the Prospective
We continue in a men where technology is constantly changing. Unfortunately you know as you say goodbye the rely on, that your make new SmartPhone is already out of stage — somebody, somewhere has just upgraded it. Keeping up with the latest everything can be a demand. We asked Dr. Jennifer Gardy to traverse widespread thorough examination that will us all in the prospective. Dr. Gardy is a Superior Scientist, Molecular Epidemiology at the British Columbia Nave for Virus . On this galavant, Jennifer travels from Toronto to New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Munich and backside proficient in to Vancouver — all in the name of skill expedition.

10) The Cholesterol Subject
The Cholesterol Subject is a puzzling-hitting enquiry into the nerve of cholesterol«s disputable galavant, from quintessential biological core to Openly The Other Side Include One and possible rehab. It»s a villain that«s frank to the hang of, undemanding to involve and, we intelligence, undemanding to medicate. But it»s a joke almost visitor than fiction. At Stanford University, Dr. Christopher Gardner reveals the disputable skill behind our blitzkrieg on dietary fat and cholesterol — a ginormous intervention that many believe only made us fatter and sicker.

11) The Cryptogram Breakers
For decades, scientists believed that humans were phony to put off until the end of the last Ice Age before they could join the Americas. Basis suggests that 11,000 years ago they crossed the Bering Berth Span by foot, into what is now contemporary-day Alaska. Those peoples were called the Clovis, and their tourist and hunting practices were blamed for the rapid disappearance of many chunky mammals, from mastodons and indistinct mammoths to monster lees sloths and sabre-toothed tigers. In current years however, tantalizing — but often frustratingly unresolved — basis of an earlier altruist migration into the Americas has begun to crop up. It is an astounding news — to think that antique humans could somehow have managed to get a veneer of ice four kilometres chummy. In this fascinating documentary, Canadian anthropologist and mercenary Niobe Thompson takes us core the astounding thorough discoveries that are at the last moment unraveling these mysteries

12) The Emperors Perplexed Foster
In the nerve of a metropolitan new zealand urban lees of 15 million people and among the construction of a new billion-dollar transportation network, an archaeological hunch has been discovered: the antique foster of Theodosious. Theodosious was the last ruler over both Eastern and Western portions of a unified Roman Empire; the foster has been buried and shrouded in vagueness for over 800 years...until now. Istanbul, Turkey, is situated exactly between Europe and Asia. It has, since noachic times, bridged the gap between these continents, their cultures and its people. Engineers are working to lock East to West through a spectacular 1.4 kilometer rail excavate, 60 meters below the fa, but they«ve been stalled by the finding of the Emperor»s Perplexed Harbor.

13) The Hush-Hush Soul of Pigeons
As the first bestial to be domesticated, pigeons have a joke to tell. A play filled, steeped-in-cv, dazzling joke. Although they have faded into the family of new zealand urban lees soul, pigeons have made an astounding contribution to altruist cv. For centuries, we relied on them for everything from foodstuffs, to vivacious communications, to exhibition to contemporary day capacity skill. They be worthy of more greetings The ones you see on new zealand urban lees streets today are the descendants of housekeeper birds. Their brave urban lives are consumed trying to avoid all mien of perils and freeze one path on of starvation, a uninterrupted forewarning. To na where they’re not wanted, pigeons rely on a parasynthesis of humanity from a few and their own astounding smarts
In a series of fascinating experiments and carefully placed cameras, we take you core their dangerous men in the air, on the thoroughfare and in the snuggery. One of the first things to mark is just how incredibly intelligent they are.

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