Blood and Guts - A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]

Blood and Guts: A Experience of Surgery
Blood and Guts — A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]Blood and Guts — A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]

Documentary series looking at the rustic, bloody and harmful experience of surgery. Michael Mosley recounts the experience of surgery through its catastrophes and successes.

1x01 20/Aug/2008 Into the Brain
Blood and Guts — A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]
1. Into the Intellect. Just over 100 years ago, sneering into the intellect was a shocking search for for both forbearing and surgeon. They could wish the consequence to be the surgeon bloodied and defeated, and the forbearing outmoded. From rare accidents involving crowbars through the skull to infamous lobotomies with icepicks, this pr reveals how, through mishap and misadventure, intellect surgery has become the living-economizing ride herd on it is today.

1x02 27/Aug/2008 Bleeding Hearts
Blood and Guts — A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]
2. Bleeding Hearts. With a next of kin experience of crux problems, presenter Michael Mosley takes a derogatory partisan in these pioneers, who teetered on the scalpel-restless between friend in need and executioner. Michael has a go at crux surgery, meets a man with no heartbeat and witnesses an functioning where the forbearing is cooled until their intellect stops and has all of their blood sucked out.

1x03 03/Sep/2008 Supplementary Parts
Blood and Guts — A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]
3. Supplementary Parts. These days, uproot surgery saves thousands of lives every year and almost everything, from crux to eyes, can be replaced. But in the inception, transplants killed rather than cured, because surgeons didn't dig that they were delightful on one of the most competent ruinous systems we know of — the fallible insusceptible system.

1x04 10/Sep/2008 Fixing Faces
Blood and Guts — A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]
4. Fixing Faces. Brainwork of as a up to date marvel, it actually started over 400 years ago with a outpouring of botched nose jobs. Since then, surgeons have been entranced with the suspicion that not only could they fix the council, but could even fix our common sense of self-love. Presenter Michael Mosley undergoes both 16th-century thraldom and 21st-century botox in his gad about of discovery.

1x05 17/Sep/2008 Bloody Beginnings
Blood and Guts — A Experience of Surgery UNABATED [UnitedVRG]
5. Bloody Beginnings. Presenter Michael Mosley finds out how the advanced days of surgery were ignorant and barbaric, when the surgeon's cut was more likely to slay you than economize you, and invasive prescription principally meant being bloodlet by leeches to within an inch of your living.

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