Swat Kats (Re-up)

== Tidings from the Uploader ==
These where thitherto uploaded by ratty2, so this is basicly a reuploaded.

== Interfile(s) tidings ==
This was taken from ratty2's cascade-page

I surmise these all were Moonsong rips because of the filenames. I renamed them all but made sure to mummify conserves the ripper name.
640x480 MPEG — 4 1112Kbps
All very rid calibre, its all episodes, plus Kats eye advice account, which I believe was ripped by AJ Freda.== IMDB Details ==
«Mechanics by day, the masked Swat Kats trinity are a break defending Megakat Town from corrupt masterminds and monsters. Well-crafted, meticulously-mechanical children's study-fiction in accurate anime comfort, with well-rounded characters, continuous storylines and rakes of humour.»

== TV.com Details ==
Swat Kats: The Basic Squadron was a shy of-lived cartoon verify produced by Hanna-Barbera that first aired in September 1993. It revolved around the feline characters of Megakat Town, and its two power supply characters were Jake Clawson and Inadvertent Furlong, two pilots who were thrown out of the enforcers due to a mishap and faked to trade as junkyard auto mechanics to refund the damages they caused. They incontrovertible they had to do more to establish amends, and therefore, Jake Clawson designed the Turbokat and became the vigilantes known was the SWAT Kats. Jake, a.k.a Razor, was the weapons organized whole commissioner and Inadvertent, a.k.a T-bone, was the conductor. Together they protected Megakat Town from many foes, such as Vile Kat, Dr. Viper, The Pastmaster, Mac and Molly, a.k.a. The Metallikats, and Baffling Drive.

== Other ==
Greets to ratty2 uploading this in the first dispose, and sorry if you felt like I shawl the focus of attention abit ;P

If you where downloading from ratty2's cascade, you can, if you take the extensive of renaming each interfile, also use my cascade to whole your hoard. The mind I renamed the files is that I could keep the valid Time details for each chapter (as posted on imdb and tv.com).

== Uploaded by Q91 ==

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