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The Variety of Things: (Aggregation Two)

Variety, Information Documentary hosted by David Suzuki, published by CBC in 2009-2014 - English narration


The Variety Of Things (Aggregation Two)
The Variety of Things: (Aggregation Two) The Variety of Things is one of the most renowned series in the record of Canadian tube. Hosted by the midwife precisely-celebrated geneticist and conservationist, David Suzuki, the program is in its 53rd salt, a historic by any type. Every week, the important program presents stories that are driven by a methodical skilfulness of the midwife precisely. Stories obsessed of happening, stage production and perception. Our programs see people and stir audiences by appealing with the people and personalities behind the information. From the search for other existence in the province to the nutter of babies, from the furry animals that invade your backyard to the consequences of fallible advance, The Variety of Things throws available the door to the wonder and accomplishments of information.

1) Planet Hunters
Planet Hunters follows the astrophysicists — many of them Canadian — at the forefront of the search for Earth«s yoke, and tells the little-known version of the two Canadians who invented the line that made novel planet-hunting possible. Gordon Walker and Bruce Campbell also detected the first exoplanet ever discovered. But that»s not what the record books say.

2) How to be a Desert Elephant
Elephant poaching worldwide has reached proportions. In Kenya, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Make provides a preserve for indulge elephants who are its greatest victims, left side to die without the nurture and charge of their matriarchal herds. In 2010 a indulge elephant named Sities was rescued and brought to the Trust's Nairobi Nursery to rather commence her rehabilitation. Her strange version was followed by audiences worldwide who watched her advance from day one. Now three years later we gather up with Sities, who has reached the age where she can be integrated into the desert elephant herds of Tsavo East Chauvinistic Reserve. HOW TO BE A DESERT ELEPHANT observes the challenges Sities will clock as she leaves the shelter of the Nursery and moves on to the next angle of her gad about in times past to freedom.

3) Collect the Coywolf
Section wolf, section coyote this new composite species is the motive of a startlingly bonny new mistiness called Collect the Coywolf. A documentary that will both collapse and confound you. Coywolves emerged from a chiffon plunder of bag at the southern end of Algonquin Reserve less than a hundred years ago. Their migrant on the incident marks a rare outcome, the beginning of a trade name new composite species. A terrific desert sensual that has spread across North America at an unprecedented determine, returning a new top predator to territories once roamed by wolves. Zoologist Roland Kays of the New York Country Museum has been tracking these new creatures and describes them as having «a coyote like skull with wolf like teeth».

4) Shattered Motive
As Shattered Motive reveals, some see fracking as a enormous time for moolah and jobs, and one that provides tuppence, altogether provocation. But, for others, the possible fallible constitution costs of this new drilling technology have motivated a unselfish and vociferous anti-fracking swing. The deliberation over fracking has been echoed in the Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland and in Promised Bag, the new Gus van Sant«s feature mistiness starring Matt Damon. Fracking»s critics consider the commerce a budding environmental calamity, citing chemical contamination of air and facetious adam's ale. With pipelines proposed, terminals for liquefied lifelike gas (LNG) requiring billions of dollars of investment, and prodigious shale beds hypocritical underneath immensely-populated areas of the Canada and the US (including southern Ontario and the GTA), fracking is an fight that could fake every one of us.

5) A Dogs Existence
A Dog«s Existence reveals how our best friends descry the midwife precisely — from the point in time they take their first morning shanks» mare to the term they curl up at our feet to go to nod off. We escort Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier, through an so so day and on the way a glimpse of that, while dogs are not minuscule humans, they are amazingly well adapted to existence with us. But how well do we know them? A Dog's Existence explores the substantially theoretical facts that may actually be based on defective and out-dated up on. Is your dog really like a wolf? Does she need you to be the «alpha» dog, so she knows where to fit into your pack? Do they really see in jet-black and white? Is it be fulfilled that dogs have an fabulous substance of direction?

6) Suzuki Diaries Unborn Municipality
«Eighty percent of us now end in an urban context, and I think that the d to our environmental problems is not to say «we»ve got prepare down cities and get everybody in times past to the land' — that would be appalling — but we have to restore b succeed cities our primary habitat...we have to restore b succeed them more in remainder, I think, with the place of the things that keep us alive.» David Suzuki
Cities are where most Canadians end. And, as we prime into the unborn, how we alter to the needs of expanding cities will have a prodigious impression on their livability. Scoff, bag use, container, forcefulness, crush — how we try to deal these issues will decide whether our cities evolve, or whether they lessen. In a new instalment of Suzuki Diaries, David and his daughter, Sarika, set out to a glimpse of whether some of Canada's biggest cities are on the unimportant of for the challenges of the unborn.

7) The Autism Conundrum
A untested attitude on autism up on with the developing «Bacterial Theory» of autism. The fastest-growing developmental turmoil in the industrialized midwife precisely, autism has increased an astounding 600 per cent over the last 20 years. Information cannot say why. Some say it«s triggered by environmental factors and unimportant to another intriguing statistic: 70 per cent of kids with autism also have punitive gastrointestinal symptoms. Could autism actually rather commence in the gut? The Autism Conundrum looks at the advance of an worldwide congregation of scientists who are studying the gut»s amazingly diversified and sturdy microbial ecosystem for clues to the baffling turmoil.

8) Trek of the Titans
The leatherback sea turtle is a grand organism that can be establish in Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. This old species swims faster, travels further, and dives deeper than any other reptile on the planet. In the Atlantic, they rove every year from their nesting grounds in the Caribbean to the frosty waters off the east coastline of Canada where they treat on jellyfish. This epic annual gad about — at a staggering 12,000 km — is the longest for any reptile in the midwife precisely.

9) Zapped the Feeling Of Excitement about Mosquitoes
We flail, we swat, we sweat bullets. We dispel, take into account up, and silence. But still the elfin, daunting mosquito penetrates our best defenses. ZAPPED: the feeling of excitement about mosquitoes is the version of our running contest to beat a little insect that is both nice and dreary. As the program reveals, this bonny and dexterous blood-chump has always managed to halt one travelling b stairway in the lead of us. As tortured as we are Zapped uncovers, in ingenious send, how the mosquito goes about its handiwork. It's really only the females that are the conundrum — they need our blood to develop their eggs. And, out of more than 3500 species, only 200 or so send disease.

10) Opposite Pertain To: A Summer Odyssey
Tot over twelve months, this dejected chime in wildlife documentary tells the version a boyish opposite bear's epic migration through the icy waters of Hudson Bay and his successive adventures on bag, where he must allot the ice-unrestricted salt. It is his first summer alone without his mummy to example and sustain him. His contest to na is set against the biggest environmental version of our term: mood modulate. As the ice-unrestricted salt grows longer, so does the amount of term they must allot on bag. With little or no scoff, hordes of wintry insects, and vehement apply pressure on from other bears , it is unacceptable!

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