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Secrets from the Sky

Experiences Documentary hosted by Bettany Hughes and Ben Robinson, published by ITV in 2014 - English narration


Secrets from the Sky
Bettany Hughes and Ben Robinson viewers an aerial assess of some of Britain's best-loved true landmarks. They are hoping that the footage captured during each pr will push the boat out secrets recondite at rationale upfront that will help untangle mysteries about our heritage.

1) Tintagel Fortress
The first pr takes the duo to Tintagel Fortress on the showy Cornish glide. It«s well-known for its links to Regent Arthur, and is said to have been the monarch»s birthplace. But can there really be any genuineness recondite among the tales of magicians, dragons and swords in stones? Ben«s bird»s-eye assess reveals its roots in the Drab Ages, while Bettany suggests that the place was once associate oneself with of the world's richest occupation network and would probably have been ruled by a regent respected enough to have become a legend.

2) Old Sarum
Bettany Hughes and Ben Robinson«s investigations take them to the windswept plains of Wiltshire and the remains of a ghost hamlet that was once one of William the Conqueror»s most respected strongholds. Old Sarum is the grey affirmation that should have evolved into Salisbury, but instead it was aside and a new burgh was built from injury two miles away. Why did this happen? As Ben discovers from the air, many of the clues to the abrupt edge are recorded in the lumps and bumps of this different install. His aerial observations allow Bettany to find a geste of Saxon kings and Norman warriors, the descent of the Domesday Publication and a very prominent and acrid fight between the Church and the military.

3) Stonehenge
The presenting duo pop in Stonehenge, hoping to hutch counterglow on the by design behind its construction. Ben Robinson's images from the air push the boat out that the manifestation is the consequence of thousands of years of adore, festivities and memory of the deathly, while on the rationale, Bettany Hughes builds a painting of how superstition and axiom inspired people to redesign the area around them, and how perceptions of the r of the grey tablet are still changing.

4) Maiden Fortress
Bettany and Ben pop in the humongous grey tablet known as Maiden Fortress in Dorset, where their aerial probe uncovers a geste of primitive living, end and survival as the Romans invaded Britain. The eye in the sky reveals that this was one of the greatest construction projects of its stretch and shows just how contrary any beset would have been. On the rationale, Bettany discovers deposition that builds a painting of how Iron Age Britain prospered and then succumbed to the Roman way of living.

5) Sutton Hoo
Bettany Hughes and Ben Robinson pop in Sutton Hoo in Suffolk to inquire into Britain«s very own `Valley of the Kings» — a manifestation of nobility Saxon burials that includes one of the greatest discoveries of find ever made in this homeland. It was only 70 years ago that an bush-leaguer archaeologist originate out these inexplicable mounds was the funeral grounds of some of the richest Saxon kings. With side-splitting artefacts from the place now in the British Museum, the duo uses the octocopter to try to untangle the ambiguousness of how this respected install went undiscovered for 1,300 years.

6) The Antonine Palisade
Bettany and Ben ferret out how the Romans pushed artful into Scotland to shape the most heavily fortified brink in the whole Empire. Crossing the spunk of the homeland from the Firth of Forth to the Firth of Clyde, the Antonine Palisade, at 40 miles lengthy, is perhaps the most stirring Roman extremes ever built. Using the deposition gathered by Ben«s eye in the sky, Bettany pieces together the astounding geste of an emperor»s ambition for splendour and the catalogue of events that caused this tablet to be soundlessly aside after just 20 years.

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