ITV The Zoo Series 4 2of3 720p x264 AAC HDTV

The Zoo Series 4

Wildness Documentary hosted by Sarah Lancashire, published by ITV in 2014 - English narration


Documentary going behind the scenes at London Zoo in Regent's Greensward and its sister zoo at Whipsnade in Bedfordshire.

1) As For 1
This matter follows the voyage of three Sumatran tiger cubs. They are filmed from extraction to the last beat they can be handled before they become too risky. The zoo«s good manners protocol for the near extinction Humboldt penguin goes into overdrive. Three years after the penguin colony was moved to its new proficient in, aptitude of birds Adrian Walls and the troupe once control to appear their first ever penguin chick, who is soon joined by six more babies. Vets persist in with a pygmy hippo»s spark of life-extenuating cancer treatment and try to preclude a 500g Goeldi«s tamper with which has corrupt its disposition. On the other side of the zoo, caretaker Dan Simmonds reveals what it is like to employment with gorillas as he revamps the indoor gym and trains alpha man»s Kumbuku to keep down while his crux is checked with a stethoscope.

2) As For 2
An Asian elephant gives extraction to her second calf at Whipsnade. The calf takes his first steps, guided by his mummy, before appointment the swarm for the first beat. In Regent«s Greensward, caretaker Paul Kybett notices that a 15-year-old Asian lioness is not feeding. Vet Tai Flog and her troupe are called in to go an pinch exploratory eye, but the cause is still a obscurity. After the eye, the lioness appears to be getting better but then takes a pull into for the worse, leaving help fa one of the most abstruse decisions of all. Caretaker Graeme Williamson moves to a new r looking after the chimpanzees. Bonding with one of the zoo»s most complex and trying families proves rather testing for Graeme as he attempts to followers them one on one. Elsewhere, the zoo's two pygmy hippos have not been getting along, so their caretaker Nicky Blundred resorts to re-introducing them to each other.

3) As For 3
The keepers get complicated with all aspects of the zoo«s good manners protocol, including being on transfer when Whipsnade»s Indian rhinos twin. The vet troupe look out for the first llamas born at London Zoo for ten years and a newly-born giraffe at Whipsnade needs exigent help. Elsewhere, big cat caretaker Tony Cholerton has to say goodbye to one of his pet charges when Lucifer, aptitude of the zoo's proudness of lions, moves to Paignton Zoo.


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* Video Bitrate: CRF 20 (~3615Kbps)
* Video Solution: 1280x720
* Video Detail Correspondence: 16:9
* Frames Grade: 25 FPS
* Audio Codec: AAC-LC
* Audio Bitrate: Q=0.41 VBR 48KHz (~128Kbps)
* Audio Channels: 2
* Run-Beat: 46 mins
* Billion Of Parts: 3
* As For Take The Measure Of: 1.24 GB (typical)
* Beginning: HDTV
* Encoded by: JungleBoy


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