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German Wanderlust

Move Documentary hosted by Julia Bradbury, published by BBC in 2011 - English narration


Julia Bradbury's German Wanderlust
Julia Bradbury takes her boots and backpack to the Continent to inspect the scene of Germany and the cultural gears that made it illustrious — Romanticism. The Germans get high on a relationship with walking that has lasted over 200 years. The inspection of their scene has inspired music, handbills and art, and Romanticism has even helped status the new-fashioned German domain, as Julia discovers. By walking in four very different parts of Germany, she explores river valleys, coastlines, mountains and gorges, following in the footsteps of Richard Wagner, Caspar David Friedrich, Johannes Brahms as well as British Romantics like William Turner and Boss Around Byron. This is Julia's incidental to conceive of her own have a funny feeling that of wanderlust.

1) The Rhine
Julia kicks off her round with a come to see to the «Romantic Rhine», recognised as a must-see of new-fashioned Germany, with her two-day rove exploring the most lovely constituent of the Capitals Heart Rhine. Surrounded by castles, vineyards and medieval villages, the Rhine is an pronounced walking gem, yet until 200 years ago it was regarded as little more than a cyclopean electrify artery. Julia sets off along the river, exploring the 19th century mutation that turned the Rhine into the pin-up of Romanticism and the token of the German domain.

2) The Bavarian Alps
Julia moves to the far south of Germany for her second . The Alps are a illustrious walking situation and, 140 years ago, were the playground of the superbly queer fellow Bavarian majesty Ludwig II. Julia«s lovely mountain rove explores the fairytale summary of Ludwig»s convenience life, his id with scene, Lovey-Dovey art and handbills, and his tight conviviality with composer Richard Wagner. The walk«s highlight is Ludwig»s greatest Lovey-Dovey legacy, the unthinkable mansion of Neuschwanstein.

3) Ruegen
The Baltic coastline is the frame as Julia continues her walking round. Generations of holidaymakers have flocked to the islet of Ruegen, inspired by the Romantics of the 19th century — particularly Caspar David Friedrich, the most noted of German Lovey-Dovey painters. Julia«s rove explores predominant seaside resorts and beaches as well as the lovely chalk cliffs that Friedrich loved to coat. But in between lies the uncanny and unexpected remains of Hitler»s avaricious take a crack at to produce a inexhaustible Nazi respite camp.

4) Saxon Switzerland
Julia«s conclusive takes her knowing into the former East Germany. Saxony is a by obscure journey»s end for UK walkers, but, as Julia discovers, it contains some astonishing scene. The sandstone mountains, set alongside the authoritarian Elbe river, are a irregular mix of forest, stuff and overwhelm towers. Two hundred years ago, they were the central call for a charge of Lovey-Dovey artists filled with a new craving to inspect the scene for themselves. The wonder of state creation has been attracting visitors ever since.


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