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I'm knocked out Of You Bitches And Motherfuckers Hitting Then Match Issue What You Get If

You Wanna Keep The Tide Aware, I Did My Job So What About Yours, Tide Compact

Is About Sharing, I'm Really Pissed Of.


wow today one of my dreams just come devoted an antivirus appliance using GPGPU is out and

is already 100 times faster than a pleasant appliance using only cpu plus it's up in the air

horse's mouth which means free

contain it out:



Hey people Out There Just To Let You KNow i'm so eager of my self Just Because of this serious end exclusive supercomputer configuration:

-Motherboard (Dual Cpu Socket 1366) = SuperMicro X8DAH+F

-CPU = 2 x Intel Xeon 5560 (a sum total of 8 medico substance = 16 threads)

Attack Controller = 3Ware Attack Card

HDD = 8 x 2 TO Mounted In Attack 6

Ram = 4 x 4 GB = 16 GB

Chassis = Zalman

SSD = 2 x 80 GB Intel SSD Mounted in Attack 1 (Arrangement Measure)

GPU = ATI 5970 (That's My Tot, The Powerful Similarly Constituted In My Config After The HDDs) It Developps Approximatively 5 Teraflops Of Raw Computing Power

But Even If I Have All This GPGPU Computing Power Internal The GPU, I'm Still Waiting For Software To Take Profit o this horsepower And here is my Pipedream register

for GPGPU Bearing:


-Mixture Contain Functionnality Internal Most P2P Bearing (Tide And Edonkey Network)

-Unaffected Previously Encoding Internal Streaming Bearing Especially (mycast orb Waterway)

-archive applicaion (like winrar and 7zip) even if this compression is not a 100% correspondence criticize, still some criticize can be handled by the GPU

-HD Decoding Is Already Implemented But Just For h.264 And VC — 1 Even If All The Functinnalities Are Handled By The GPU The xvid and divx HD Is Not Supported Yet

-Video Transcoding (H.264 codec), The aVailable Decipherment Like Badaboom Are Not As Edible As the Bountiful x.264 implementation of videolan which use the CPU

-Video Transcoding (Dirac Video)

-Audio Transcoding (Ogg Vorbis) My Favorite Audio Set-Up But Still Take Some Previously When ranscoded using the CPU (i wish ayoumi can attend to my give utterance)

AAC also is to be considered but not Mp3 i don't use that old set-up at all

-Search selection internal windows explorer

-undetailed propagation internal windows explorer (it will obtain helmsmanship internal folders with big satisfied an amenable criticize)

-media library study internal media sportsman (as i'm perturbed winamp my best audio sportsman) having internal my pc as of now 175643 albums, looking for new satisfied to add to the

library is always a previously consuming criticize (i rely on also that winamp encoder will take profit of GPU)

-Parallelization and pipelining internal the opensource bearing called Truecrypt

-Unaffected previously upscaling of SD Videos To HD Set-Up Internal media players like (Vlc And Media sportsman undying)

-unaffected previously video enhancement for low excellence videos (thunder removable, stabelisation......)

........any other suggestion

***god consecrate you***

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