Emperor of the Sea [Chapter 01 - 51] DVDRiP MKV


aka Sea God
Jang Bogo

Year: 2004
Hinterlands: Korea
Episodes: 51
Processor: Kang Il Soo (강일수)/Kang Byung Taek (강병택)
Screenwriter: Jung Jin Ok (ì •ì§„ì˜¥)/Hwang Joo Ha (황주하)
Species: Stage Play, History
Runtime: 51+ hours
Lingo: Korean
Subtitles: English (embedded within the mkv files)
more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_of_the_Sea


* Choi Soo Jong (최수종) as Jang Bogo (ìž¥ë³´ê³ )/Goong-bok (궁복)
* At A Bargain Price A Fuss Il Gook (송일국) as Yeom Moon (염문)/Jang (장)
* Kim Heung-Soo (김흥수) as Yeon (연)
* Chae Si Ra (채시라) as Madam Jami (자미부인)
* Soo Ae (ìˆ˜ì• ) as Lady Jung-Hwa (ì •í™”)
* Kim Kap-su (김갑수) as Yi Do-hyung

Series synopsis

Based on the being of a veracious factual conformation, Emperor of the Sea is an epic Korean Stage Play based on a novel by litt Choi In Ho. Choi Soo Jong stars as Jang Bogo, who rises from a lowly bondwoman to the military commander of the sea during the Unified Silla Heritage (676~935). Along the way, he battles pirates, and engages in a inflamed beck with Madam Jami, a Shilla peer who squares off against Jang Bo Go for business rights in the South Sea. At A Bargain Price A Fuss Il Gook, conqueror of the 2002 KBS New Actor apportion, is Yeomjang, Jang Bo Go's charismatic associate, who supports Jang in his ascension to The Emperor of the Sea. But Yeomjang competes with Jang for the disposition of Jeong-hwa.

Tech specs:

Video Codec ...: XviD beta2
Audio codec ...: HE-AAC
Framesize .....: 640x352
Well-Spring ........: R1DVD
Audio bitrate .: 70kbps 48K
Framerate .....: 29.970fps


The vapour managed to warrant many awards at 2005 KBS Stage Play Acting Awards. The stage play is one of the dramas of 2005 who said to have been «decorating 2005 KBS Acting Awards ceremony».

* 2005 KBS Acting Awards: Top Greatness Acting Apportion 최우수상 (Choi Soo Jong)
* 2005 KBS Acting Awards: Best Actress 우수상 (Soo Ae)
* 2005 KBS Acting Awards: Best Actor 우수상 (At A Bargain Price A Fuss Il Gook)
* 2005 KBS Acting Awards: Best Three Apportion (At A Bargain Price A Fuss Il Gook and Soo Ae)
* 2005 KBS Acting Awards: Most Common Actor Apportion (At A Bargain Price A Fuss Il Gook)

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