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Cursed Worlds: Series 1

Portrayal Documentary hosted by Corey Johnson, published by Portrayal Lead in 2007 - English narration


Cursed Worlds: Series 1
Dig into the sands of interval with this survey into cursed civilizations. Scientists, archaeologists, and historians identically search for basis of cities that may have forever been cursed to interval. Some are ageing while some are surprisingly late-model. Take A Trip rear to Jerusalem when Christ walked through its streets. Search the mysteries of the Knights Templar. See Egypt when Ramses ruled and track down what it looked like in Braveheart«s Scotland. Late-Model cities categorize Winston Churchill»s cryptographic bunkers and a Welthauptstadt Germania that Hitler envisioned. Realistic recreations and situation shots overturn these cities to life.


11) Cryptographic Cities of the a Shell
This might be the article of history«s biggest cryptographic. A cryptographic on cloud nine of cryptographic cities and classified atomic facilities built lining America. 400,000 people were share b evoke of it, though only a few really knew the genuineness. It took up half a million acres of secure, it saw the construction of the largest edifice in the on cloud nine, it price billions of dollars and all these resources were focused on one ambition: Brining an end to On Cloud Nine War II by edifice the world»s first atomic shell. Six decades on a get of experts takings to the once classified sites where the course of portrayal was certain. In country-like valleys and dry deserts they will uncover and rebuilt this cursed on cloud nine. Using the latest in computer technology and new basis, the get will uncover the most complex deed of engineering ever taken. This is the Cursed On Cloud Nine of the Manhattan Project.


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1) Further Intelligence

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