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Touchy Bodies: Series 5

Salubriousness-Medical Documentary hosted by Ashley Jenson, published by Means 4 in 2013 - English narration


Touchy Bodies Series 5
The nation's most-liked doctors are furtively for a fifth series, with tropical disability professional Dr James Logan joining the work together.

1) Forgo 1
Dr Appearance and Dr James bean for Thailand to pursuit down the touchy souvenirs Brits could be bringing lodgings with them after a blunder out of doors. Dr Logan bravely infests himself with parasitic hookworm, while furtively in the UK Dr Pixie meets Carol who has an addiction to coffee enemas. And a strife who was one of the first production to have tit enhancement surgery asks Dr Christian for help.

2) Forgo 2
The appear travels to Thailand, present on-the-locality medical warning to those with tropical troubles. Dr James continues his 60-day policy test of living with hookworm buried innards everted his intestine. In the clinic, Dr Christian helps a strife who had botched cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Dr Pixie sees a tolerant whose mammoth breasts are ruining her spark of life. Twenty-one-year-old Caroline's diabetes is damaging her sex spark of life and 59-year-old Jarvis is agonized about the danger of prostate cancer.

3) Forgo 3
The unshockable doctor«s excursion continues in their search for flinch-praiseworthy conditions in need of a fix. For the first chance Dr Christian hits the social gathering ait of Ibiza, tackling the issues of too much sun, sea and sex, pitching up a clinic on the ground for clubbers in need, and present on the locality STI tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Furtively in the UK Dr Appearance meets a man whose buried penis is causing peeing problems. And Dr Pixie advises a prepubescent demoiselle with an farthest at all events bad puff caused by out tonsils. Dr James the dentist is furtively to scrutinize every persuasion of dental misfortune. And the appear meets a cyclist whose potentially murderous blood form hasn»t stopped him aiming for Olympic glory.

4) Forgo 4
Dr Christian helps a tolerant with a vasectomy. Dr Appearance meets a strife whose bowel form has pink her with nauseous endure scars. She also meets a strife who needs warning about her bean-banging bedtime deportment. The seaside excursion continues as the trash stops off at Skegness, where there's a man with a wriggly informant, and another man with a worrying gob on his testicles. Dr Pixie hits the streets and helps the women of Skegness get the tailor of paunchiness. And Dr Christian asks a work together of BMX bikers to out a sperm sample.

5) Forgo 5
Dr Christian helps a man whose rare genetic form has pink him needing new ears. Dr Pixie meets a tolerant with a leaky furtively shipment. Dr Appearance meets Helen, who has a very atypical token — she can see faeces in motion innards everted her intestines. The sensitive clinic visits a music gala day in the North East, where Dr Pixie sees a lad whose testicles are causing him and a strife with a sizeable tit predicament.

6) Forgo 6
The doctors take in Tamworth, where Dr Pixie helps a man whose oozing informant laceration hasn't healed in six years. Dr Christian meets a strife with a perplexing whistle. The appear meets an art grind tailor-made with pacemakers in his caddy. Dr Pixie visits a pop gala day in Staffordshire, where microbiologist Professor Val conducts a forensic assessment of the loos. And Dr Appearance gives her top tips on everything you need to know about nipples.

7) Forgo 7
Dr Christian heads to Brighton where he meets a man with effort below the and a strife with very different breasts. Furtively at the clinic Dr Pixie meets a guy whose big rig wastage has pink him with some unwanted baggage. Dr Appearance helps a little demoiselle who's having in the nautical head trust in and Dr Christian sees a man with a comedo on his penis. Also home-owner dentist Dr James meets a strife with the worst atrophy he has ever seen. And in Thailand Dr Appearance asks some lads to have a sensible of of her prosthetic balls.

8) Forgo 8
The work together hits the highlands, and Dr Appearance sets up encamp at a gala day where she meets a man with a predicament under his kilt and a combine whose nightfall of passion turned into a balls-up. Professor Val gets up complete and in the flesh with exude, Dr Pixie hears about the form that«s stopping a strife from having sex, Dr Christian meets a strife who»s been struggling to conceal her growing predicament for seven years, and two sisters review their rare coating form that means each nightfall they cultivate as much coating as most people would in 14 days.

9) Forgo 9
The doctors look furtively at some of their bumpiest cases. Nine months after they first met, the work together conquest up with the strife who had two mammoth cysts on her bean. Dr Appearance is in the Costa del Sol to see a man with a big hernia. Dr Pixie revisits a strife who picked foodstuffs out of the pits of her tonsils. And Dr Christian uses a box of willies to tutor everyone the reformation between seemly lumps and bad. And how is the tolerant doing whose nose was ruining his confidence?

10) Forgo 10
The work together revisits several historic cases, including a man whose token of leaking withdraw was the first unique of a much more serious form. Dr Pixie helped a strife with three nipples and a strife grave to rebalance her imbalanced breasts. Dr Appearance and Dr Pixie appear how to self check d cash in one«s checks for tit cancer and which lumps to be distressed about and what to get checked out. And, it»s not just the ladies; men have a whole have of boob worries too. So, whether it's your man boobs or bosoms, the doctors will be revealing all that you need to know to keep your breasts at their best.


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* Audio: Channels: stereo (2/0)
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