Battlestar Galactica - Tombs of Kobol (fanedit)(1978)

/*** NOTE : THIS IS A DVD->AVI conversion

i «negative1 ?» have included the flicks, and the FX shots also

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Battlestar Galactica: The Tombs Of Kobol

BSGby David Kerin
What is it about? Desperate Planet of the Gods is a two-divide event of the novel Battlestar Galactica goggle-box series, which were untied and edited for a better proceed. It has all new CGI effects and deleted scenes were included to further finance the plot.

How to get it? via RAPIDSHARE and BITTORRENT.
novel flick name: Battlestar Galactica: Desperate Planet of the Gods
new flick name : Battlestar Galactica: The Tombs Of Kobol
flick studio name :Universal
cut out corps name : David Kerin
Boy Novel Flick Was Released : 1978
Boy Cut Out Was Released : 2007
Novel Runtime : Two 45 jiffy episodes

Amount of hour Cut/Added : About 5 minutes of deleted scenes reinserted.

Fanedit details:

* This is a fan cut out of the novel Battlestar Galactica series event ?Lost Planet of the Gods?. I have edited in some deleted scenes, and reworked some of the effects sequences with new CGI. I have also changed the subhead to ?Tombs of Kobol?, which was the novel manuscript subhead as well as the subhead to the novel. Plus, I benevolent of like it. It is a DVD ISO order, so you will need to ignite the disk idol to a DVD disk. It should then de-emphasize delay in a exemplar DVD better. Besides the flicks, I have included the raw (new) effects as an extra.

Fanedit details:

* Has an interactive menu with raw f/x depict as an extra.

persons enmeshed with: David Kerin

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