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Thundercats (2011) Enliven 1 Eps 6 (2011)

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Season No.: One
Episode No.: 6
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While Lion-O practices with the Sword of Omens, wee see Mumm-Ra forcing Jaga to sponge away the pathway to the Citadel of Omens; which has the Work of Omens veiled and locked within. Mumm-Ra is also having some help with depravity clones of the Thundercats. Only Tiagra and Lion-O's clones are seen though. On the other jurisdiction, in Jungle, Snarf, while trying to discontinue top off his thirst causes a ruckus a veiled church comes into the object of the cats. They go into the church and after a series of heartless puzzles, they reach the other end of the hill with more jungle in object. The puzzles were each solved by one of the cat; depicting that each of them is vital. Later, when Lion-O decisively utilizes the Eye of Thundera and notices a button, Tiagra uses his run-flog to host it. While they reach Citadel of Omens, Mumm-Ra is also pre-eminent in reaching to the place; all thanks to Jaga. Panthro comments at the foot of Citadel that reaching the Citadel needed only the right set of friends. A merciless brawl takes grade in the citadel and Jaga sacrifices himself to preserve Lion-O and the others. Soon; when they are able to get nearer to the Work of Omens; Lion-O finds that it is actually plain.

Genre: Fighting | Sci-fi | Animation
Release day: August 16th, 2011 :

Format: x264
File Area: 275MiB
Overall Bit Rank: 1 680 Kbps
Duration: ~ 22mn 40s
Sample: : No
Subtitles: No

Container: mp4(.mp4)
Video Codec Personification: x264/AVC
Video bitrate: ~1594 Kbps
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Display outlook correlation: 16:9
Frame Rank: 23.976 fps
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Audio 1
Audio Jargon: English
Audio Codec: AAC
Bitrate Manner: VBR
Bitrate: ~ 96 — 200 Kbps
Sample Rank: 48.0 kHz
Channel(s): 2 channels ( Face: L R)

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