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Tony Move Off comes to Japan to help his aspiration of faction concord by erection the Arc Reactor, a carbon-dull power vegetable that once operational will be able to take measures illimitable (thus loosen) spirit to the faction. Set to take forty winks his Iron Man front, and about to get-generate a dance of Iron Man armor known as “Iron Man Dio”, Stark’s plans are derailed by a series of exuberant tech Mech monsters. Zodiac, a top unpublished institution funded by the thug set A.I.M is out to disorder the Arc Post, good buy the Dio armor and put an end to Iron Man. The Armored Avenger’s refute is only just origin.

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1. Iron Man Comes to Japan
2. Run After the Missing Nuke
Tony Move Off is accused by Defense Pastor Kuroda of trying to keep confrontation by unadmitted plutonium into Japan aboard an undefended consignment . This has been attacked and the plutonium stolen, posing a mausoleum omen. Suspecting that he’s been set up, Tony dons the Iron Man armor and vows to cover the plutonium and pellucid his name. He tracks down the stolen atomic research and discovers that Zodiac, a thug set associated with Advanced Notion Mechanics (A.I.M.), is behind the embezzlement. Anchorman Nanami Ota gets caught up in the run after and nearly killed, attempting to get Tony’s regard. Iron Man at bum defeats the Zodiac warrior, Cancer, and retrieves the plutonium while Nanami inexorably gets to author a register her first record on Tony Move Off..
3. Take In the Whirlwind
Nanami is trying to get to the bum of the unthinking of crotchet hurricanes that have killed two great scientists. Her search takes her to Professor Sakamoto, and his former swat, Dr. Tanaka. Sakamoto and Tanaka were once component of something called the Tesla Assignment, which was working to button the brave. Is the Tesla assignment a component of the way-out brave attacking Japan, and even if they bod that out, how do they close up it? Can Iron Man the weather?
4. A Worm in Recollection, a Spin in Mind
Tony Move Off is help a understanding racing occasion in position to burnish the spitting image of Move Off Industries. He explains to Dr. Chika Tanaka how his clash with Dr. Yinsen after being captured by guerillas changed his prospect on biography and inspired him to m for faction concord. Meanwhile, Kawashima, a watercourse car driver who’s suffered calling-menacing injuries, is won over by A.I.M./Zodiac who show signs of him they will repair his injuries if he takes out Tony Move Off. When Tony makes an air at the watercourse seek out, Kawashima tries to dispatch him with a assay car but Logan, the mutant X-Man known as WOLVERINE, shows up in just in the make tracks of once in a while to obviate him. Later, Logan gives Tony some info on A.I.M and together, they seek out Kawashima down and discover him operating the Zodiac exterminator Mech, TAURUS. After Iron Man frees him, the rogue Dio arrives and Iron Man must do engagement with his own start, wondering all the while who it could be in the armor.
5. Outbreak
Dr. Tanaka informs Tony that a curious universal has tamed out near the Arc Post. The pandemic and tiresome disorder appears unstoppable, and Tony initiates his own inquisition into the cause. Meanwhile, the Self Defense Forces examination satellites are acting up, and Nagato Sakurai visits Iron Man to ask for his help. Move Off and Sakurai unite forces, when they come the Zodiac Mech Aquarius may be behind both.
6. Intricate Difficulties
When the Arc Post has a series of malfunctions, Tony and Dr. Tanaka come a Zodiac computer virus has infected the Station’s operating systems. The virus spreads to the city’s ATM banking computers, raise steersmanship computers and conveyance controls, causing disorder. Tony decides the only way to duel the virus is to have resort it to another computer… his Iron Man onboard computer!
7. At the Benignity of my Friends
Tony and Dr.Tanaka are wake up on an special islet with no notion how they got there and no await of getting off the islet. Missing his biography-provident arc reactor and without his Iron Man armor, how will Tony and Chika be able to escape? And, who put them there in the first place?
8. Daughter of the Zodiac
Tony Move Off meets Aki, a curious unfledged freulein with unheard-of powers. Tony is shocked when the freulein tells him that she belongs to Zodiac and mentions that she needs Tony, as Iron Man to take under one's wing her from Zodiac. Is Aki who she says she is? And even if she is, how can Tony reliability her?
9. A Dual of Iron
The plutonium needed to prime the Arc Post is stolen and Tony must don the Iron Man armor and refute against Dio. The two Iron Men must refute to the destruction, with the end of Japan hanging in the steadiness.
10. Casualties of War
“Iron Man is done for!” Dr. Chika Tanaka hears these astounding words from Yinsen’s own lips. Meanwhile, the seriously wounded Tony Move Off survives with the help of Nagato Sakurai and must plan a way to Dio once and for all. But what awaits the tourist of Iron Man is not only Dio, but also four Iron Man Sigma models as well. How will Tony Move Off triumph over the downcast setting he finds himself in?
11.The Origin of the End
Held leading for the occasion at the Arc Post, Tony Move Off is arrested by the Japanese command. But while being transported, explosions stone the Regime parliament erection, and suspicions are raised that Move Off is behind it. Will Tony Move Off be able to pellucid his name, and take out the material omen behind the Regime bombing?
12. Endgame
Tony Move Off learns the horrible truly behind Zodiac. Iron Man must gathering all his residual stamina in position to close up the nefarious ambitions of his greatest hostile, the man behind Zodiac. But, when an unrestrained fa enters the battlefield, will he be able to do what needs to be done?

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