Departed Mouse Seasonable 1 performed

Ep 13 Blood Lines

Bo learns who her dam is and that those closest to her have been keeping secrets. Passion betrayed, Bo decides to road down her dam on her own. To conserve the baggage he loves Dyson visits an bygone Norn, amore

Ep 12 Members Only

To help an old benefactor of Kenzi«s, Bo and Dyson affectation as a married three at a realm lambaste. The stress of the farce pushes Dyson to tell Bo the truly about who she is, so he gives Pull The Wool Over Someone»s Eyes an ultimatum.

Ep 11 Faetal Justice

Dyson wakes covered in blood and can«t call to mind the last eight hours, he is accused of murdering Ba»al, a padlock associate of Vex, and takes haven in Trick's bar, invoking sanctuary.

Ep 10 The Lamentation After

While investigating a butcher Bo meets Saskia, another Succubus. Bo believes she can learn a lot from Saskia, but she begins to wallowin her devoted Evil Fae colours, testing the limits of their new sociability. Kenzi helps Pull The Wool Over Someone's Eyes as hemore

Ep 9 Fae Day

A Banshee wail predicts that someone in Trick«s bar will die in the next 12 hours. On the Banshee»s shadow Bo and Dyson learn the name of the Merry Fae who's pronounced for annihilation and his last wish is formore

Ep 8 Vexed

Bo's gets a do the groundwork on advice about her dam. The shadow goes chill with Lou Ann, a annihilation row inhabitant claiming not to know anything at all. Life-Threatening to affirm otherwise, and convinced Lou Ann is undefiled, Bo uses allmore

Ep 7 ArachnoFaebia

After a bloody butcher-suicide in a benevolent billet, Kenzi decides to run a «Shaman» scam to spiritually deterge the about. Afterwards, she fails to realise that she has brought following a envenomed Fae spider whose makes people psychotic.

Ep 6 Comestibles for Thought

Kenzi becomes deathly ill when she inadvertently eats some toxic «human soup» at the about of an Aswang. Bo and Lauren go aboard on a audacious confidential trade together in search of a heal at a resilient pharmaceutical corporation, while Dyson and Pull The Wool Over Someone's Eyes help Kenzi hostilities for her life.

Ep 5 Late Lucky

Bo investigates how Mayer, a Evil Fae bookie, was scammed by a benevolent gambler, in swop for leisure with his niece, an advisor who can pass out her advice about her parents. Things get creepy when Bo and Kenzi search out themore

Ep 4 Faetal Attraction

Bo places a baggage under her defence after a Violence with an unfaithful twin tries to letting Bo to take someone's life her. When the specimen takes a accoutre for the worse Bo is formerly larboard scrambling to contain a bungle of jealousymore

Ep 3 Oh Kappa, My Kappa

Bo and Kenzi undecided a hermitical inquest berth, and on their first job they go confidential on the native college campus to search out a missing coed, digging into the cryptic underbelly of the school's sorority set and discovering a surprising Fae interrelationship putting both their lives in jeopardy.

Ep 2 Where There«s A Will, There»s A Fae

Bo agrees to help Will, a honest will-o'-the-shred, search out the actually who shawl his prize in swop for advice on her blood-parents. As Bo begins to search out the truly about the sneak-thief, she delves further into the just ecstatic of the Fae.

Ep 1 It's A Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

Bo has been living on the run for years, bloodshed people when she kisses them. After leaving someone she kills out in the undecided, she is swept into the abstruse just ecstatic of the Fae. She discovers who and what she

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