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Mega Mansions: Series 1

Journey Documentary hosted by John Lakeshore, published by Journey UK in 2015 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Mega Mansions: Series 1
Mega Mansions is a far up-vigour choice dance up the river America«s most choice and supersized mansions. We»re traveling coastline-to-coastline with a VIP out of date to the estates most visitors never get to see. In each 30-blink event, we go beyond the gates for a counterpart measure of expendable as we investigate two awesome mansions. We«ll convene the owners, and talk to designers and architects to get the up the river ladle on what makes these mansions truly one-of-a-courteous. Series offers a globe-trot up the river America»s mansions from recondite vaults in the Hearst Citadel, to the grunt Bachelor's Wing at the Biltmore Class, to a delineate-of-the-art San Francisco mansion where the lights, music and ambience are controlled by a modish phone.

1) Hearst Citadel and Villa Belvedere
See the factual 70,000-unstinting-foot Hearst Citadel in San Simeon, CA, with a never-before-seen globe-trot of the basement vaults. Then, globe-trot a delineate-of-the-art waterfront class in San Francisco, with epic views of the bishopric and bay.

2) Vizcaya and Bradbury Class
First stop off — the 8-acre, $78 million-dollar Bradbury Class in the most valuable zip lex scripta «statute law» in America, Bradbury, CA. Then it«s off to Vizcaya Museum and Garden, a invention conjure up conversant with turned eminent Miami visitor performance. Journey from one coastline to the other to get an all access out of date up the river two immense properties, the Bradbury Class and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. In the affluent hills of Southern California, the Bradbury Class is good an estimated $78.8 million dollars, encompasses 8 acres, and the sheer board totals 30,000 unstinting. The performance out features contain the Olympic sized come, million gallon trout pond, and firing rank. From the West coastline to the sizzling Florida coastline, sit a prominent waterfront villa in Miami Lakeshore. With its inestimable imported European antiques and the most awe-inspiring gardens in America, it»s no wonder that Vizcaya is one of Miami«s most eminent attractions. Both estates were specially designed to convene the costly tastes of its owners, which just so chance to be one of America»s most awe-inspiring properties too.

3) Oheka Citadel and Mansion on O Drive
Stopover the second largest grunt conversant with in the Harmonious States — Oheka Citadel in Want Isle, New York. Then, it's off to DC to globe-trot the Mansion on O Drive -- a $50 million dollar labyrinth disguised as 5 municipality homes on a bishopric drive.

4) Biltmore Class and Matchless Isle
The Biltmore Class in Asheville, NC, is the largest grunt conversant with in America. Then, journey south with us to Miami's most eminent bachelor pad -- a $65 million dollar playpen on the choice Matchless Isle.

5) Mansion at MGM Fine and Old Westbury Gardens
Globe-Trot the loaded Mansion at the MGM Fine in Las Vegas where your wish is their stewardship. Then, it's off to Westbury, NY, for the firsthand «mega mansion» at Old Westbury Gardens — a fortress built for a insulate king.

6) The Jones Manor and Cravens Class
First stop off — a 28,000 sq. ft. tech geek«s invention conversant with outfitted with delineate of the art gadgets, The Jones Manor in Indianapolis. Then it»s off to Pasadena to the heap Cravens Class adorned with century-old European pieces. «Mega Mansions» is off to Indianapolis, Indiana to globe-trot the conversant with of knack inventor Scott Jones. This 28,000 unstinting foot conversant with is outfitted with some breathtaking technology and the whole board has a really fun feel; it truly is the conversant with of the computer whiz kid who struck it abundance. Scott Jones shows off his digitally controlled wine vault, the retina scanner that act as jail and key, as well as some pricy antiquated technology artifacts that he collects. Then «Mega Mansions» hits the West Coastline to hesitation out the Cravens Class in Pasadena California. The Cravens Class was built in the ancient 1900's for around $10 Million (adjusted for inflation) dollars. They had a stash splotch in the dining area for alcohol (because this was during taboo) and an daedalean, imported staircase and skylight that would be the of any multi-millionaire, then and now. And you might reward The Cravens Class from the movies too.


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