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Channel Guard: Series 2

Travelling Documentary hosted by Richard Hawley, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration — 2-Cover.jpg


Channel Guard: Series 2
The results of the Documentary series following the lives of those that use the English Canal for satisfaction, those that receive a living from it, and most importantly those who keep it safe.

1) Degree 1
In the first copy, RNLI volunteers from Calshot are faced with the lecture of rescuing 25 people during the sunset when a amazon car shipper, the Heogh Osaka, is grounded on a sandbank in the Solent. Meanwhile, a untimely infant seal that was initiate washed up on the strand receives thorough-going attend to from the RSPCA duo in Hastings.

2) Degree 2
A sustention group sets to travail on the Canal Excavate while it is closed during the sunset and a helicopter is used to help resupply the Wolf Reel Lighthouse, which lies eight boating miles off Land's End. Plus, a duo of teenagers braves choppy waters and jellyfish to swim across the English Canal to France.

3) Degree 3
Members of the Regal Fleet enter the lists against arduous seas in the Canal after six months in the Abyss. The airman of a dear-hightail it catamaran ferry battles see trade between Southampton and the Isle of Wight, and loadmaster Shane Brearley attempts to disappear a new £700,000 hedonism yacht from the top and stuff it for the next leg of the roam to its new owner.

4) Degree 4
The Regal Fleet company unearths a dreary memento that has been sitting on a mantelpiece in Worthing, West Sussex, for the days of yore 30 years. The weekly consignment get out arrives at Alderney in the Canal Islands, but the port«s crane is put to the check with one element. Plus, a seaman navigates a 25ft-improbable get out from its old berth in Amsterdam through the English Channel»s complex shipping lanes.

5) Degree 5
The Regal Fleet Air Squadron receives a anxiety order regarding teenagers stranded at the bum of overpriced cliffs. New ferry captain Bring Credit To Oneself Miller takes the leadership as the live through closes in, and at Southampton disguise, engineers type to fettle the port's amazon forklifts as a backlog of customers mounts up.

6) Degree 6
The RNLI comes to the aid of stranded mariners, while unpredictable winter live through causes problems for the Frostbite Racing Series near Southampton and pet owners and their four-legged friends are caught up in the half-designate hightail it at the Eurotunnel Pet Centre.

7) Degree 7
A amazon consignment get out braves treacherous shipping lanes during a 580-mile roam from Hamburg to Southampton. Plus, a neighbourhood pub oyster smallholder finds wealth in the broad and a company unearths a Second Fantastic War artillery cartridge discovered during structure travail on the Isle of Wight.

8) Degree 8
A negligible tugboat steers a amazon tanker safely into haven, green British sailors bid a hightail it to France, and a man and his girlfriend are out in all weathers trying to muscle in on the whelk fishing market.

9) Degree 9
A duo from the Milieu Activity discovers how carrying out inundation support travail in the bull's-eye of winter can be touch-and-go as conditions exchange near Camber Sands, East Sussex, and Regal Fleet Sub Lieutenant Phil Reid carries out a spotting mission

10) Degree 10
above the sea. There is also a look at the logistics complex in feeding thousands of covetous customers every year on game table a ferry.

A sustention group negotiates its way through a seaway hindrance course to uphold out repairs on a float with a fragmented entertaining, and some university students get a drop of Fleet individual as they glue in with a simulated marker narcotics and people-smuggling . Meanwhile, a duo of builders takes on the challenging lecture of turning a Victorian fort two miles out to sea into a hedonism lodging — consummate with 22 bedrooms, helipads, a sauna and a show bar.


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